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Alaska -- Government and Politics

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the government and politics of Alaska.


Six Superlative Sources

· Gerald A. McBeath and Thomas A. Morehouse, Alaska Politics and Government (University of Nebraska Press, 1994). Acclaimed by reviewers as the "best book on Alaska politics ever written," the volume is part of the 50-state series on American state and local governments. Pages 315-24 contain bibliographic references.

· Clive S. Thomas, editor, Alaska Public Policy Issues: Background and Perspectives (Denali Press, 1999). The most recent collection of articles on Alaska resource issues, state/local government policy areas, and the Alaska political economy.

· Alaska Blue Book 1993-1994, compiled and published by the Department of Education, Division of State Libraries and Archives. This excellent resource on the branches of state government also covers state finance, local government, education and arts, state history, demography, economy, and communications. Not published after 1994.

· The Anchorage Daily News This is the state's largest and best newspaper, with daily coverage of government and politics.

· State of Alaska Online This is the website of the executive. It posts press releases of the governor's office and state departments and commissions. It also includes an employee directory, list of departments, sections on legislature, communities, services, and Alaska facts and business news.

· Alaska State Legislature This site posts press releases of the majority and minority, lists legislators and committees, as well as pending legislation (and some information on legislation of previous sessions).

Other Excellent Sources

· The Alaska Legal Research Center This site provides free access to public legal resources, such as case law, court rules, staatutes and regulations.

· The Alaska Court System

· State Library Electronic Doorway (SLED) This site provides links to a number of sites dealing with Alaska government and law: Alaska Constitution, Alaska Current Legislation--Bill action/status, committee schedules. It is continuously updated during session.

· Thomas A. Morehouse, Gerald A. McBeath, and Linda Leask, Alaska's Urban and Rural Governments (University Press of America, 1984). The most comprehensive account of local governments in Alaska, but now dated.

· Gerald A. McBeath, The Alaska State Constitution: A Reference Guide (Greenwood Press, 1997). The most recent volume on the state constitution; part of the 50-state series on state constitutions in the U.S.

· Gerald A. McBeath and Thomas A. Morehouse, editors, Alaska State Government and Politics (University of Alaska Press, 1987). A basic text on state government, with contributions from most of the state's political scientists.

· Gordon Harrison, Alaska's Constitution: A Citizen's Guide, 3rd edition, (Legislative Research Agency, 1992). This excellent resource, although now somewhat dated, is the least expensive annotated guide to the Alaska constitution.

· John Strohmeyer, Extreme Conditions: Big Oil and the Transformation of Alaska (Cascade Press, 1997). A journalistic interpretation of the impact of oil/gas development on the state's political process.

· Jack Roderick, Crude Dreams: A Personal History of Oil and Politics in Alaska (Epicenter Press, 1997). Another account, tracing the development of oil/gas in the 1970s, from an insider.

· Jay Hammond, Tales of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor (Epicenter Press, 1994). The autobiography of Alaska's most popular governor, Jay Hammond.

· Lee J. Cuba, Identity and Community on the Alaskan Frontier (Temple University Press, 1987). An account of the Alaska social and political culture, during the oil boom period, focusing on Anchorage.

· Sharon K. Araji, Society: An Alaskan Perspective (Kendall-Hall, 1994). A reader with articles, mostly written by university professors, on aspects of Alaska society and politics.

· Peter Cornwall and Gerald A. McBeath, Alaska's Rural Development (Westview Press, 1982). A comprehensive overview of rural Alaska politics and society.

· Gerald A. McBeath and Thomas A. Morehouse, The Dynamics of Alaska Native Self-Government (University Press of America, 1980). The account of the mobilization of Native communities to settle their land claims with the federal government; development of Alaska's first Native borough government.

· Victor Fischer, Alaska's Constitutional Convention (University of Alaska Press, 1974). The authoritative study of the state's constitutional convention, by a delegate and university professor.

· Thomas A. Morehouse, editor, Alaska Resources Development: Issues of the 1980s (Westview Press, 1984). The most comprehensive survey of Alaska's land and water resources, but now dated.

· David S. Case, Alaska Natives and American Laws (University of Alaska Press, 1984). The most authoritative of the special relationshp between Alaska Natives and the federal system; now being revised.

· Peter A. Coates, The Trans-Alaska Pipeline Controversy: Technology, Conservation and the Frontier (University of Alaska Press, 1995).

· Stephen Haycox, Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics and Environment in Alaska (Oregon State University Press, 2002).

· Donald Mitchell, Take My Land, Take My Life: The Story of Congress's Historic Settlement of Alaska Claims, 1960-1971 (University of Alaska Press, 2001). A good first-person account of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

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