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Matthiessen, Peter (1927- )

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American author Peter Matthiessen.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bawer, Bruce. "Nature Boy: The Novels of Peter Matthiessen." New Criticism, 6 (June 1988), 32-40.

· Bender, Bert. "Far Tortuga and American Sea Fiction since Moby-Dick." American Literature, 56 (May 1984), 227-248.

· Dowie, William. Peter Matthiessen. Twayne Publishers, 1991.

· Patteson, Richard F. "At Play in the Fields of the Lord: The Imperialist Idea and the Discovery of the Self." Critique, 21 (no. 2, 1979), 5-14.

· Payne, David G. "Peter Matthiessen." In American Nature Writers. Vol. 2. John Elder, ed. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1996, pp. 599-613.

· Roberson, William H. Peter Matthiessen: An Annotated Bibliography. McFarland, 2001.

Other Excellent Sources

· Anderson, Scott. "The Martyrdom of Leonard Peltier." Outside, 20 (July 1995), 44-55, 120-126. See Matthiessen's "Mean Spirit" for his response.

· Bishop, Peter. "The Geography of Hope and Despair: Peter Matthiessen's The Snow Leopard." Critique, 26 (Summer 1985), 203-216.

· Bonetti, Kay. "An Interview with Peter Matthiessen." Missouri Review, 12 (no. 12, 1989), 109-124.

· Cobbs, John L. "Peter Matthiessen." In American Novelists since World War II. Second Series. James E. Kibler, Jr., ed. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 6. Gale Research Company, 1980, pp. 218-224.

· Cooley, John. "Matthiessen's Voyages on the River Styx: Deathly Waters, Endangered People." In his Earthly Words: Essays on Contemporary American Nature and Environmental Writers. The University of Michigan Press, 1994, pp. 167-192.

· Dowie, William. "Peter Matthiessen." In American Novelists since World War II. Fifth Series. James R. Giles and Wanda H. Giles, eds. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 173. Gale Research Company, 1996, pp. 132-147.

· Gabriel, Trip. "The Nature of Peter Matthiessen." New York Times Magazine, 10 June 1990, pp. 30-31, 42, 94-98.

· Grove, James P. "Pastoralism and Anti-Pastoralism in Peter Matthiessen's Far Tortuga." Critique, 21 (no. 2, 1979), 15-29.

· Hassan, Ihab. "Peter Matthiessen: The Fullness of Quest." In his Selves at Risk: Patterns of Quest in Contemporary American Letters. University of Wisconsin Press, 1990, pp. 180-201.

· Heim, Michael. "The Mystic and the Myth: Thoughts on The Snow Leopard." Studia Mystica, 4 (Summer 1981), 3-9.

· Jenkins, McKay. "'Thinking Like a Mountain': Death and Deep Ecology in the Work of Peter Matthiessen." In Reading under the Sign of Nature: New Essays in Ecocriticism. John Tallmadge and Henry Harrington, eds. University of Utah Press, 2000, pp. 265-279.

· Matthiessen, Peter. "Mean Spirit." Outside, 20 (October 1995), 41-48, 145. Matthiessen's response to Scott Anderson's "The Martyrdom of Leonard Peltier."

· Norman, Howard. "Peter Matthiessen: The Art of Fiction, CLVII." Paris Review, 150 (Spring 1999), 186-215.

· Patteson, Richard F. "Holistic Vision and Fictional Form in Peter Matthiessen's Far Tortuga." Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, 37 (no. 1-2, 1983), 70-81.

· Raglon, Rebecca. "Fact and Fiction: The Development of Ecological Form in Peter Matthiessen's Far Tortuga." Critique, 35 (Summer 1994), 245-259.

· Shainberg, Lawrence. "Emptying the Bell: An Interview with Peter Matthiessen." Tricycle, 3 (Fall 1993), 42-47.

· Shnayerson, Michael. "Higher Matthiessen." Vanity Fair, 54 (December 1991), 114-132.

· Smith, Wendy. "PW Interviews: Peter Matthiessen." Publishers Weekly, 229 (9 May 1986), 240-241.

· White, Randy. "The Travels of Peter Matthiessen." Outside, 5 (April/May 1980), 18-22, 67-71.

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