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Expertise -- Developmental

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is developmental expertise.


Six Superlative Sources

· Charness, N. (1981). "Aging and Skilled Problem Solving." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 110, 21-38.

· Krampe, R.T., and Charness, N. (2006). "Aging and Expertise." In K.A. Ericsson, N. Charness, P. Feltovich, and R. Hoffman (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance (pp. 723-42). Cambridge University Press.

· Krampe, R.T., and Ericsson, K.A. (1996). "Maintaining Excellence: Deliberate Practice and Elite Performance in Young and Older Pianists." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 125, 331-59.

· Lehman, H.C. (1953). Age and Achievement. Princeton University Press.

· Salthouse, T.A. (1984). "Effects of Age and Skill in Typing." Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 13, 345-71.

· Simonton, D.K. (1988). "Age and Outstanding Achievement: What Do We Know after a Century of Research?" Psychological Bulletin, 104, 251-67.

Other Excellent Sources

· Benbow, C.P. (1988). "Sex Differences in Mathematical Reasoning Ability in Intellectually Talented Preadolescents: Their Nature, Effects, and Possible Causes." Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 11, 169-232.

· Bloom, B.S. (Ed.). (1985). Developing Talent in Young People. Ballantine.

· Bosman, E.A., and Charness, N. (1996). "Age Differences in Skilled Performance and Skill Acquisition." In T. Hess and F. Blanchard-Fields (Eds.), Perspectives on Cognitive Change in Adulthood and Aging (pp. 428-53). McGraw-Hill.

· Charness, N. (1981b). "Search in Chess: Age and Skill Differences." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 7, 467-76.

· Charness, N. (1989). "Expertise in Chess and Bridge." In D. Klahr and K. Kotovsky (Eds.), Complex Information Processing: The Impact of Herbert A. Simon (pp. 183-208). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

· Charness, N., and Bosman, E.A. (1995). "Expertise and Age." In G. Maddox (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Aging (2nd ed., pp. 352-54). Springer.

· Charness, N., Krampe, R., and Mayr, U. (1996). "The Role of Practice and Coaching in Entrepreneurial Skill Domains: An International Comparison of Life-Span Chess Skill Acquisition." In K.A. Ericsson (Ed.), The Road to Excellence: The Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports and Games (pp. 51-80). Erlbaum.

· Ericsson, K.A. (Ed.) (1996). "The Acquisition of Expert Performance: An Introduction to Some of the Issues." In K.A. Ericsson (Ed.), The Road to Excellence: The Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports, and Game (pp. 1-50). Erlbaum.

· Ericsson, K.A., and Charness, N. (1994). "Expert Performance: Its Structure and Acquisition." American Psychologist, 49, 725-47.

· Ericsson, K.A., Krampe, R.T., and Tesch-Römer, C. (1993). "The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance." Psychological Review, 100, 363-406.

· Howe, M.J.A., Davidson, J.W., and Sloboda, J.A. (1998). "Innate Gifts and Talents: Reality or Myth?" Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 21, 399-442.

· Kliegl, R., Smith, J., and Baltes, P.B. (1989). "Testing-The-Limits and the Study of Adult Age Differences in Cognitive Plasticity of a Mnemonic Skill." Developmental Psychology, 25, 247-56.

· Marsiske, M., Lang, F.R., Baltes, P.B., and Baltes, M.M. (1995). "Selective Optimization with Compensation: Life-Span Perspectives on Successful Human Development." In R.A. Dixon and L. Backman (Eds.), Compensating for Psychological Declines: Managing Losses and Promoting Gains (pp. 35-79). Erlbaum.

· McEvoy, G.M., and Cascio, W.F. (1989). "Cumulative Evidence of the Relationship between Employee Age and Job Performance." Journal of Applied Psychology, 74, 11-17.

· Meinz, E.J., and Salthouse, T.A. (1998). "The Effects of Age and Experience on Memory for Visually Presented Music." Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science, 53B, P60-P69.

· Morrow, D., Leirer, V., Altieri, P., and Fitzsimmons, C. (1994). "When Expertise Reduces Age Differences in Performance." Psychology and Aging, 9, 134-48.

· Morrow, D., Yesavage, J., Leirer, V., and Tinklenberg, J. (1993). "Influence of Aging and Practice on Piloting Task." Experimental Aging Research, 19, 53-70.

· Salthouse, T.A. (1990). "Cognitive Competence and Expertise in Aging." In J.E. Birren and K.W. Schaie (Eds.), Handbook of the Psychology of Aging (3rd ed., pp. 310-19). Academic Press.

· Salthouse, T.A., and Mitchell, D.R.D. (1990). "Effects of Age and Naturally Occurring Experience on Spatial Visualization Performance." Developmental Psychology, 26, 845-54.

· Salthouse, T.A., Babcock, R.L., Skovronek, E., Mitchell, D.R.D., and Palmon, R. (1990). "Age and Experience Effects in Spatial Visualization." Developmental Psychology, 26, 128-36.

· Salthouse, T.A., Mitchell, D.R.D., and Palmon, R. (1989). "Memory and Age Differences in Spatial Manipulation Ability." Psychology and Aging, 4, 480-86.

· Schulz, R., and Curnow, C. (1988). "Peak Performance and Age among Superathletes: Track and Field, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf." Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 43, P113-20.

· Schulz, R., and Heckhausen, J. (1996). "A Life Span Model of Successful Aging." American Psychologist, 51, 702-14.

· Schulz, R., Musa, D., Staszewski, J., and Siegler, R.S. (1994). "The Relationship between Age and Major League Baseball Performance: Implications for Development." Psychology and Aging, 9, 274-86.

· Simonton, D.K. (1997). "Creative Productivity: A Predictive and Explanatory Model of Career Trajectories and Landmarks." Psychological Review, 104, 66-89.

· Sloboda, J.A., Davidson, J.W., Howe, M.J.A., and Moore, D.G. (1996). "The Role of Practice in the Development of Performing Musicians." British Journal of Psychology, 87, 287-309.

· Winner, E. (1996). "The Rage to Master: The Decisive Role of Talent in the Visual Arts." In K.A. Ericsson (Ed.), The Road to Excellence: The Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports and Games (pp. 271-301). Erlbaum.

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