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Aeronautics -- Commercial -- Airliners -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of commercial airliners.


Six Superlative Sources

· Angelucci, Enzo. World Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft. Crown, 1982.

· Brooks, Peter W. The Modern Airliner. Putnam, 1961; reprinted with additional chapter by Sunflower (Kansas) University Press, 1982.

· Gunston, Bill, ed. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Propeller Airliners. Exeter Books, 1980.

· Gunston, Bill, ed. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Commercial Aircraft. Exeter Books, 1980.

· Miller, Ronald, and David Sawers. The Technical Development of Modern Aviation. Praeger, 1970.

· Stroud, John. European Transport Aircraft since 1910. Putnam, 1966.

Other Excellent Sources

· Airbus.

· Brooks, Peter W. The World's Airliners. Putnam, 1962.

· Chillon, J., J-P. DuBois, and John Wegg. French Postwar Transport Aircraft. Air-Britain, 1980.

· Concorde.

· De Havilland Comet.

· De Leeuw, René. Fokker Commercial Aircraft from the F.I of 1918 up to the Fokker 100 of Today. Public Relations Department, Fokker, 1994.

· Donald, David, ed. The Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft. Thunder Bay Press, 1999.

· Ellis, Paul. British Commercial Aircraft: Sixty Years in Pictures. Janes, 1980.

· Endres, Günter, et al. Modern Commercial Aircraft. Salamander, 1987, 2000.

· Jackson, A.J. British Civil Aircraft. Putnam, 1959, 2 vols.; 1973, 3 vols., 2nd ed.; reprinted 1987.

· Juptner, Joseph P. U.S. Civil Aircraft. Aero Publishers, 1962-75, 9 vols.; reissued by TAB/McGraw-Hill, 1993-94.

· Middleton, Don. Civil Aviation: A Design History. Ian Allan, 1986.

· Munson, Kenneth. U.S. Commercial Aircraft. Janes, 1982.

· Newhouse, John. The Sporty Game. Knopf, 1982.

· Pearcey, Arthur. Douglas Propliners, DC-1 to DC-7. Airlife, 1995.

· Smith, Myron J., Jr. Passenger Airliners of the United States, 1926-1995. Pictorial Histories, 1994, 3rd ed.

· Stroud, John. Soviet Transport Aircraft since 1945. Putnam, 1968.

· Stroud, John. Jetliners in Service since 1952. Putnam, 1994.

· Wall, Robert. Airliners. Collins, 1980.

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