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Vermont -- History -- Education

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of education in Vermont.


Six Superlative Sources

· Stone, Mason S. History of Education, State of Vermont. Capital City Press, 1927. This is a standard and classic work of earlier history. Author bias against progressive movement is clear.

· Huden, John C. Development of State School Administration in Vermont. Free Press Printing Company, 1944. A good historical overview. Broader in content than the name implies.

· Nuquist, Andrew E, and Edith W. Nuquest. Vermont State Government and Administration: An Historical and Descriptive Study of the Living Past. Government Research Center, University of Vermont, 1966. The classic Vermont government history through 1965. Education chapter is pp. 262-291.

· Mathis, William J. "Accelerating Change: Vermont Education, 1965-1995." In: Vermont State Government since 1965. Center for Research on Vermont. University of Vermont, pp. 317-360. Sequel to Nuquest.

· Cross, Michele A. "Public School Education in Vermont: The Myth of Local Control." Unpublished master's thesis, July 1992. An excellent source document. Focused on governance yet broader. Fine annotated bibliography.

· Bush, George Gary. History of Education in Vermont. United States Bureau of Education. Circular of Information Number 4, 1900. U.S. Government Printing Office.

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