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Credit Cards

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is credit cards.


Six Superlative Sources

· Zywicki, Todd J. "The Economics of Credit Cards," Chapman Law Review 3(1): 79-172 (Spring 2000).

· Brito, Dagobert L., and Peter R. Hartley. "Consumer Rationality and Credit Cards," Journal of Political Economy 103: 400-433 (1995).

· Evans, David S., and Richard L. Schmallensee. The Economics of the Payment Card Industry. National Economic Research Associates (1993).

· Canner, Glenn B., and Charles A. Luckkett. "Developments in the Pricing of Credit Card Services," Federal Reserve Bulletin 78(9): 652-666 (1992).

· Mandell, Lewis. The Credit Card Industry: A History. Twayne (1990).

· Homer, Sidney, and Richard Sylla. A History of Interest Rates. Rutgers University Press (3rd edition, revised, 1991).

Other Excellent Sources

· Ausubel, Laurence M. "The Failure of Competition in the Credit Card Market," American Economic Review 81(1): 50-81 (1991).

· Cargill, Thomas F., and Jeanne Wendel. "Bank Credit Cards: Consumer Irrationality versus Market Forces," Journal Consumer Affairs 30(2): 373-389 (1996).

· Pozdena, Randall J. "Solving the Mystery of High Credit Card Rates," Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco Weekly Letter 42: 1 (November 29, 1991).

· Raskovich, Alexander, and Luke Froeb. Has Competition Failed in the Credit Card Market? United States Department of Justice, Economic Analysis Group Discussion Paper EAG 92-7 (1992).

· Demuth, Christopher. "The Case against Credit Card Interest Rate Regulation," Yale Journal on Regulation 3: 201-242 (1986).

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