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Customer Equity and Customer Lifetime Value

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is customer equity.


Six Superlative Sources

· Rust, Roland T., Valarie A. Zeithaml, and Katherine N. Lemon (2000), Driving Customer Equity: How Customer Lifetime Value Is Reshaping Corporate Strategy, The Free Press.

· Berger, Paul D., and Nada I. Nasr (1998), Customer Lifetime Value: Marketing Models and Applications, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 12 (Winter), 17-30.

· Mulhern, Francis J. (1999), Customer Profitability Analysis: Measurement, Concentration, and Research Directions, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 13 (Winter), 25-40.

· Blattberg, Robert C., and John Deighton (1996), Manage Marketing by the Customer Equity Test, Harvard Business Review, 74 (July-August), 136-144.

· Reinartz, Werner (1999), Customer Lifetime Value: An Integrated Empirical Framework for Measurement, Antecedents, and Consequences, doctoral dissertation, University of Houston.

· Storbacka, Kaj (1994), The Nature of Customer Relationship Profitability, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration.

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   Customer Equity and Customer Lifetime Value

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