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Crop Adaptations to Hot Environments

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the heat tolerance of crops.


Six Superlative Sources

· Heat Stress and Its Impact. A.E. Hall, Plantstress.

· The Effects of Heat Stress on Cereal Yield and Quality. 2001. P. Stone, pp. 243-291 in A.S. Basra, ed., Crop Responses and Adaptations to Heat Stress. Haworth Press.

· Breeding for Heat Tolerance. 1992. A.E. Hall. Plant Breeding Reviews 10: 129-167.

· Plant Breeding for Stress Environments. 1988. A. Blum. CRC Press.

· Crop Breeding Strategies for the 21st Century. 2000. A.E. Hall and L.H. Ziska, pp. 407-423 in K.R. Reddy and H.F. Hodges, eds., Climate Change and Global Crop Productivity. CABI Publishing.

· Crop Responses to Environment. 2001. A.E. Hall. CRC Press.

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