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Medical Care -- Quacks and Quackery

The following sources are recommended by a doctor whose research specialty is the analysis of fraudulent forms of medical care.


Six Superlative Sources

· Barrett, Stephen, et al. Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions, McGraw-Hill, 2001.

· Barrett, Stephen, and William T. Jarvis, eds. The Health Robbers: A Close Look at Quackery in America. Prometheus Books, 1993.

· Barrett, Stephen, and Victor Herbert. The Vitamin Pushers: How the "Health Food" Industry Is Selling America a Bill of Goods. Prometheus Books, 1994.

· Bruss, Katherine, ed. American Cancer Society's Guide to Complementary and Alternative Cancer Methods. American Cancer Society, 2000.

· Homola, Samuel. Inside Chiropractic: A Patient's Guide. Prometheus Books, 1999.

· Young, James Harvey. American Health Quackery. Princeton University Press, 1992.

Other Excellent Sources

· American Cancer Society: Complementary and Alternative Therapies.

· American Council on Science and Health.

· Chirobase.

· Ernst, Edzard, et al., eds. The Desktop Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach. Mosby, 2001.

· Magner, George. Chiropractic: The Victim's Perspective. Prometheus Books, 1995.

· McCoy, Robert. Quack! Tales of Medical Fraud from the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Santa Monica Press, 2000.

· National Council against Health Fraud.

· The Quack Files.

· Quackwatch.

· Randi, James. The Faith Healers. Prometheus Books, 1987.

· Sampson, Wallace I., and Lewis Vaughn, eds. Science Meets Alternative Medicine: What the Evidence Says about Unconventional Treatments. Prometheus Books, 2000.

· Segen, Joseph. Dictionary of Alternative Medicine. Appleton and Lange, 1998.

· Skeptics Dictionary.

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