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Internet Legal Research

The following sources are recommended by a former professor and lawyer whose research specialty is methods of online legal research.


Six Superlative Sources

· FindLaw. Legal index and search engine.

·". Online journal of Internet legal research and technology issues.

· Law Lists. Catalog of legal discussion groups.,16823679,16823625

· Tyburski, Genie, "The Annotated Guide to Resources for Legal Professionals," Virtual Chase.

· Biehl, Kathy, and Calishain, Tara, The Lawyer's Guide to Internet Research, Scarecrow Press, 2000.

· Legal news and court decisions.

Other Excellent Sources

· American Law Sources Online

· Hieros Gamos. Legal index.

· Law Practice, the journal of the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section.

· The Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research

· Yahoo! Law. Legal index.

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