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Morphological Evolution -- Epigenetic Determinants

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is morphological evolution.


Six Superlative Sources

· Lamarck, J.B. (1809, reprinted 1984). "Zoological Philosophy: An Exposition with Regard to the Natural History of Animals." University of Chicago Press.

· Bateson, W. (1894, reprinted 1992). "Materials for the Study of Variation." Johns Hopkins University Press.

· Thompson, D'Arcy W. (1942, reprinted 1992). "On Growth and Form." Dover.

· Schmalhausen, I.I. (1949, reprinted 1986). "Factors of Evolution." University of Chicago Press.

· Waddington, C.H. (1957). "The Strategy of the Genes." Allen and Unwin.

· Newman, S.A., and Müller, G.B. (2000). Epigenetic mechanisms of character origination. J Exp Zool 288, 304-17.

Other Excellent Sources

· Berg, L. (1926, reprinted 1969). "Nomogenesis or Evolution Determined by Law." MIT Press.

· Bonner, J.T. (1993). "Life Cycles." Princeton University Press.

· Johnston, T.D., and Gottlieb, G. (1990). Neophenogenesis: a developmental theory of phenotypic evolution. J Theor Biol 147, 471-95.

· Kauffman, S.A. (1993). "The Origins of Order." Oxford University Press.

· Oyama, S. (1985). "The Ontogeny of Information." Cambridge University Press.

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   Morphological Evolution -- Epigenetic Determinants

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