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Drug Sample Profiling

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is drug profiling.


Six Superlative Sources

· Liu, J.H. "Approaches to Drug Sample Differentiation. I: A Conceptual Review." Journal of Forensic Sciences 26 (1981): 651-655.

· Perillo, B.A., R.F.X. Klein and E.S. Franzosa. "Recent Advances by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Drug Signature and Comparative Analysis." Forensic Science International 69 (1994): 1-6.

· Moore, J.M. and J.F. Casale. "Cocaine Profiling Methodology--Recent Advances." Forensic Science Review 10 (1998): 13-46.

· Besacier, F. and H. Chaudron-Thozet. "Chemical Profiling of Illicit Heroin Samples." Forensic Science Review 11 (1999): 105-119.

· Ehleringer, J.R., J.F. Casale, M.J. Lott and V.L. Ford. "Tracing the Geographical Origin of Cocaine." Nature 408 (2000): 311-312.

· Stromberg, L., L. Lundberg, H. Neumann, B. Bobon, H. Huizer and N.W. van der Stelt. "Heroin Impurity Profiling--A Harmonization Study for Retrospective Comparisons." Forensic Science International 114 (2000): 67-88.

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