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Golf Courses -- Ecological Management

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the ecology of golf courses.


Six Superlative Sources

· Klemme, M. 1995. A view from the rough. Sleeping Bear Press.

· Moul, I. E. and J. E. Elliott. 1992. A survey of pesticide use and bird activity on selected golf courses in British Columbia. Technical Report Series No. 163. Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific and Yukon Region.

· Rainwater, T. R., V. A. Leopold, M. J. Hooper and R. J. Kendall. 1995. Avian exposure to organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides on a coastal South Carolina golf course. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 14 (12): 2155-2161.

· Soule, M. 1991. Land use planning and wildlife maintenance: guidelines for conserving wildlife in an urban landscape. Journal of the American Planning Association 57: 313-323.

· Terman, M. 1997. Natural links: naturalistic golf courses as wildlife habitats. Landscape and Urban Planning 38:183-197.

· Prairie Dunes Country Club: A Golf Course for Birdies. Terman, M. 2000. McGrawHill.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adams, L. 1994. Urban wildlife habitats: a landscape perspective. University of Minnesota Press.

· Balmori, D., F. Bormann, and G. Geballe. 1993. Redesigning the American lawn: a search for environmental harmony. Yale University Press.

· Blair, R. B. 1996. Land use and avian species diversity along an urban gradient. Ecological Applications 6:506-519.

· European Golf Association. 1995. An environmental strategy for golf in Europe. Pisces Publications.

· Forman, R. and M. Godron. 1986. Landscape ecology. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

· Hurdzan, M. 1996. Golf course architecture. Sleeping Bear Press.

· Odum, E. 1989. Ecology and our endangered life-support systems. Sinauer.

· Platt, A. E. 1994. Toxic green: the trouble with golf. Worldwatch Institute.

· Seanor, D., editor. 1996. Golf and the environment: an uneasy alliance. Golfweek 42 (47): 1-39.

· Wilson, E. O. 1992. The diversity of life. Norton.

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