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Envy and Jealousy

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is envy and jealousy.


Six Superlative Sources

· Foster, G. (1972). The anatomy of envy. Current Anthropology, 13, 165-202.

· Neu, J. (1980). Jealous thoughts. In A.O. Rorty (ed.), Explaining emotions (pp. 425-463). University of California Press.

· Parrott, W.G. (1991). The emotional experiences of envy and jealousy. In P. Salovey (ed.), The psychology of jealousy and envy (pp. 3-30). Guilford.

· Parrott, W.G., and Smith, R.H. (1993). Distinguishing the experiences of envy and jealousy. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 64, 906-920.

· Salovey, P. (1991). Social comparison processes in envy and jealousy. In J. Suls and T.A. Wills (eds.), Social comparison: Contemporary theory and research (pp. 261-285). Erlbaum.

· Schoeck, H. (1969). Envy: A theory of social behavior (D. Neid, trans.). Harcourt, Brace, and World.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aristotle. (1991). The art of rhetoric (H.C. Lawson-Tancred, trans.). Penguin. (Original work published circa 384-322 B.C.).

· Bacon, F. (1890). The essays of counsels, civil and moral. The Clarendon Press.

· Berke, J. (1988). The tyranny of malice: Exploring the dark side of character and culture. Summit Books.

· Brachfeld, O. (1951). Inferiority feelings in the individual and the group. Greenwood Press.

· Brickman, P., and Bulman, R.J. (1977). Pleasure and pain in social comparison. In J.M. Suls and R. Miller (eds.), Social comparison processes: Theoretical and empirical perspectives (pp. 149-186). Hemisphere.

· Buunk, B.P., Angleitner, A., Oubaid, V., and Buss, D.M. (1996). Sex differences in jealousy in evolutionary and cultural prespective: Tests from the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Psychological Science, 7, 359-363.

· Elster, J. (1989). The cement of society. Cambridge University Press.

· Gilbert, P. (1992). Depression: The evolution of powerlessness. The Guilford Press.

· Heider, F. (1958). The psychology of interpersonal relations. John Wiley.

· Klein, M. (1957). Envy and gratitude and other works, 1946-1963 (Vol. 3). Hogarth Press.

· Lazarus, R.S. (1991). Emotion and adaptation. Oxford University Press.

· Nietzsche, F. (1967). On the genealogy of morals (W. Kaufmann and R.J. Hollindale, trans.). Vintage Books. (Original work published 1887).

· Ortony, A., Clore, G.L., and Collins, A. (1988). Cognitive structure of emotions. Cambridge University Press.

· Rawls, J. (1971). A theory of justice. Harvard University Press.

· Russell, B. (1930). The conquest of happiness. Leverlight.

· Salovey, P. (1991). The psychology of jealousy and envy. Guilford Press.

· Salovey, P., and Rodin, J. (1984). Some antecedents and consequences of social-comparison jealousy. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 47, 780-792.

· Silver, M., and Sabini, J. (1978). The perception of envy. Social Psychology Quarterly, 41, 105-117.

· Smith, R.H. (1991). Envy and the sense of injustice. In P. Salovey (ed.), Psychological perspectives on jealousy and envy (pp. 79-99). Guilford.

· Smith, R.H., Kim, S.H., and Parrott, W.G. (1988). Envy and jealousy: Semantic problems and experiential distinctions. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 14, 401-409.

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· Tangney, J.P., and Salovey, P. (1999). Problematic social emotions: Shame, guilt, jealousy, and envy. In R.M. Kowalski and M.R. Leary (eds.), The social psychology of emotional and behavioral problems: Interfaces of social and clinical psychology (pp. 167-195). American Psychology Association.

· Tesser, A. (1991). Emotion in social comparison and reflection processes. In J. Suls and T.A. Wills (eds.), Social comparison: Contemporary theory and research (pp. 115-145). Lawrence Earlbaum.

· White, G.L., and Mullen, P.E. (1989). Jealousy: Theory, research, and clinical strategies. Guilford Press.

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