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Philosophy -- American

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American philosophy.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dematteis, Philip B., and Leemon B. McHenry. American Philosophers before 1950. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 270, Gale Group, 2003.

· Dematteis, Philip B., and Leemon B. McHenry. American Philosophers, 1950-2000. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 279, Gale Group, 2003.

· Flower, Elizabeth, and Murray G. Murphey. A History of Philosophy in America. 2 vols. G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1977.

· Kuklick, Bruce. A History of Philosophy in America, 1720-2000. Oxford University Press, 2002.

· Marsoobian, Armen, and John Ryder, eds. A Guide to American Philosophy. Blackwell, 2003.

· Schneider, Herbert W. A History of American Philosophy. Second edition. Columbia University Press, 1963.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alain Leroy Locke Society.

· Blau, Joseph L. Men and Movements in American Philosophy. Prentice Hall, 1952.

· Center for Process Studies.

· Cunningham, G. Watts. The Idealistic Argument in Recent British and American Philosophy. Century, 1933.

· Fay, Jay W. American Psychology before William James. Rutgers University Press, 1939.

· George Santayana Website.

· Gibson, Roger F., ed. The Cambridge Companion to Quine. Cambridge University Press, 2004.

· Gray, James. Modern Process Thought. University Press of America, 1982.

· Harlow, Victor. A Bibliography and Genetic Study of American Realism. Kraus Reprint, 1970.

· Hudson, William D. Modern Moral Philosophy. Second edition. Doubleday, 2000.

· Passmore, John. A Hundred Years of Philosophy. Basic Books, 1966.

· The Pragmatism Cybrary.

· Shook, John R., ed. The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers. Thoemmes Press, 2005.

· Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy.

· Stuhr, John J., ed. Pragmatism and Classical American Philosophy: Essential Readings and Interpretive Essays. Second edition. Oxford University Press, 1999.

· Thayer, Horace S. Meaning and Action: A Critical History of Pragmatism. Hackett, 1981.

· A Timeline of American Thought.

· The Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society.

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