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Community Colleges -- Collaboration with Undergraduate Institutions

The following sources are recommended by an academic administrator whose research specialty is the symbiosis between community colleges and undergraduate institutions.


Six Superlative Sources

· Carlan, Philip, and Byxbe, Ferris. (2000). Community colleges under the microscope: An analysis of performance predictors for native and transfer students. Community College Review, 26(2), 27-42.

· Hierstein, William. (2000). Warmer climate bodes well for university partnerships. Community College Times, 12(7), 3, 24.

· Knoell, Dorothy. (1994). Improving transfer effectiveness. A Handbook on the Community College in America: Its History, Mission, and Management (ed. Baker, George), 123-136. Greenwood Press.

· Palmer, James C. (2000). What do we know about transfer? An overview. AAC&U Peer Review, 2(2), 8-11.

· Prager, Carolyn. (2000). Accrediting for curricular coherence. AAC&U Peer Review, 2(2), 12-14.

· Rifkin, Tronie, ed. (1996). New Directions for Community Colleges: Transfer and Articulation: Improving Policies to Meet New Needs, 96.

Other Excellent Sources

· Hilbert, Pamela, Spriggs, Janet, and Evans, Pete. (2000). Building a collaborative bridge: Community college and university interaction and sharing. Presentation for League for Innovation in the Community College: 2000 Conference on Information Technology.

· Office of Academic Affairs, Oregon University System. (1999). A Plan for Course and Credit Transfer between Oregon Community Colleges and Oregon University System Institutions.

· Yang, Xiaoyun, compiler. Statistical Abstract of Higher Education in North Carolina. The University of North Carolina.

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