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Native Americans -- Library Resources

The following sources are recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is tribal libraries.


Six Superlative Sources

· Davis, M.B. (1992). Developing a Native American Collection. Wilson Library Bulletin, 67(4), 33-37.

· Hollaran, S. (1990). Rural Public Library Service to Native Americans. Rural Libraries, 10(1), 31-48.

· Patterson, L. (1995). Information Needs and Services of Native Americans. Rural Libraries, 15(2), 37-44.

· Patterson, L. Directory of Native American Tribal Libraries. School of Library and Information Studies, University of Oklahoma.

· U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (1992). Pathways to Excellence: A Report on Improving Library and Information Services for Native American Peoples. U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.

· University of Oklahoma, School of Library and Information Studies, Training and Assistance for Indian Library Services (TRAILS) Project (1992). Tribal Library Procedures Manual. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ambler, M. (1994). Releasing Reservations from Isolation: The Tribal Library as Storyteller. Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education, 6(1) 20.

· American Indian Library Association.

· Christensen, R.A. (1975). Materials Selection for Indian Libraries. National Indian Education Association.

· Christensen, R.A. (1975). Working with Indian Communities and Agencies to Establish Indian Library Services. National Indian Education Association.

· Cubbins, E. Useful Web Sites for Tribal Libraries. University of Arizona.

· Davis, L., and Koue, D. (1989). Going Home: The California Indian Library Collections Manual. Videotape. University of California.

· Grant, L. (1991). Library Service to American Indians. Library Administration and Management, 5, 210-11.

· Hills, G.H. (1997). Native Libraries: Cross-Cultural Conditions in the Circumpolar Countries. Scarecrow Press.

· Kirby, J. Aihec Virtual Library. American Indian Higher Education Consortium.

· Mathews, V.H., and Patterson, L. (1988). American Indian Libraries. In ALA Yearbook of Library and Information Services, 13, 28-29. American Library Association.

· Norton, D.E., and Norton, S.E. (1993). Developing the Library Collection for Native American Studies. The Acquisitions Librarian, 9/10, 247-63.

· Patterson, L. (2002). Tribal and Reservation Libraries. Rural Libraries, 22(1), 19-24.

· Rockefeller-MacArthur, E. (1998). American Indian Library Services in Perspective: From Petroglyphs to Hypertext. McFarland.

· Roy, L. (1997). Dream Catchers, Love Medicine, and Fancy Dancing: Selecting Native American Studies Material in the Humanities. The Acquisitions Librarian, 17/18, 141-57.

· Roy, L. (2000). To Support and Model Native American Library Services. Texas Library Journal, 76(1), 32-35.

· Shubert, J.F. (1991). Native American Libraries and Their Library Systems in New York State. The Bookmark, 49, 127-29.

· Smith, H. (1975). Working with Library Agencies to Establish Indian Libraries. National Indian Education Association.

· Taylor, R. (1992). Profiles: Four Native American Libraries. Wilson Library Bulletin, 67(4), 38-39.

· Townley, C.T. (1975). Locally Generated Information and Referral Services in Indian Libraries. National Indian Education Association.

· Townley, C.T. (1975). Promoting Indian Library Use. National Indian Education Association.

· University of British Columbia Library, Xwi7xwa (pronounced "whei-wha") Library. First Nations Libraries and Librarianship. University of British Columbia Library.

· Webster, K., ed. (2005). Library Services to Indigenous Populations: Viewpoints and Resources. American Library Association.

· Whiteman Runs Him, E. (1975). Assessing Information Needs in Indian Communities. National Indian Education Association.

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