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The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is chromatography.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ettre, L.S. and Zlatkis, A., Editors, 75 Years of Chromatography: a Historical Dialogue, Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co., 1979.

· Martin, A.J.P. and Synge, R.L.M., Biochem. J. 1941, 35, 1358-1368.

· Giddings, J.C., Dynamics of Chromatography, Vol. 1, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1965.

· Snyder, Lloyd R., Principles of Adsorption Chromatography; the Separation of Nonionic Organic Compounds, M. Dekker, 1968.

· Poole, C.F. and Schuette, S.A., Contempory practice of chromatography, Elsevier, 1984,

· Snyder, L.R., Kirkland, J.J., Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography, 2nd Ed, Wiley, 1979.

Other Excellent Sources

· Tswett, M., Ber. Deut. Botan. 1906, Ges. 24, p. 384-393.

· James, A.T. and Martin, A.J.P., Biochem. J., 1952, 50, 679-690.

· Baiulescu, G.E. and Ilie, V.A., Stationary Phases in Gas Chromatography, Pergamon Press, 1975.

· Laub, R.J. and Pecsok, R.L., Physicochemical Applications in Gas Chromatography, John Wiley and Sons, 1978.

· Yeung, Edward S., Detectors for Liquid Chromatography, Wiley-Interscience, 1986.

· Brown, Phyllis R., High Pressure Liquid Chromatography; Biochemical and Biomedical Applications, Wiley, 1986.

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