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Management Science -- Mathematical Models

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the mathematical models of management science.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dolk, D.R. (1988). "Model Management and Structured Modeling: The Role of an Information Resource Dictionary System," Comm. ACM, 31:6, 704-718.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1987). "An Introduction to Structured Modeling," Management Science, 33:5, 547-588.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1989). "The Formal Aspects of Structured Modeling," Operations Research, 37:1, 30-51.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1999). "Structured Modeling: Survey and Future Research Directions," ITORMS, 1:3.

· Jones, C.V. (1992). "Attributed Graphs, Graph-Grammars, and Structured Modeling," Annals of Operations Research, 38, 281-324. (Special volume on Model Management in Operations Research edited by B. Shetty, H. Bhargava, and R. Krishnan.)

· Wright, G., N.D. Worobetz, M. Kang, R. Mookerjee and R. Chandrasekharan (1997). "OR/SM: A Prototype Integrated Modeling Environment Based on Structured Modeling," INFORMS J. on Computing, 9:2, 134-153.

Other Excellent Sources

· Chari, K. and T. Sen (1998). "An Implementation of a Graph-Based Modeling System for Structured Modeling (GBMS/SM)," Decision Support Systems, 22:2, 103-120.

· Dolk, D.R., and J. Kottemann (1993). "Model Integration and a Theory of Models," Decision Support Systems, 9:1 (January), 51-63.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1991). "FW/SM: A Prototype Structured Modeling Environment," Management Science, 37:12, 1513-1538.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1992). "The SML Language for Structured Modeling," Operations Research, 40:1, 38-75.

· Geoffrion, A.M. (1996). "Structured Modeling," in S.I. Gass and C.M. Harris (eds.), Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers. Revised 6/99 for publication in the Millenium Edition of this encyclopedia.

· Heavey, C., and J. Browne (1996). "A Model Management Systems Approach To Manufacturing Systems Design," International J. of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, 8:2 (April).

· Lenard, M. (1993). "An Object-Oriented Approach to Model Management," Decision Support Systems, 9:1 (January), 67-73.

· Maturana, S., J. Ferrer and F. Barañao (1999). "Design and Implementation of a Generator of Optimization-Based Decision Support Systems," working paper, Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 26 pages.

· Muhanna, W. (1993). "An Object-Oriented Framework for Model Management and DSS Development," Decision Support Systems, 9:2, 217-229.

· Vicuña, F. (1990). Semantic Formalization in Mathematical Modeling Languages, Ph.D. Dissertation, Computer Science Department, UCLA.

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