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Business Incubators

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is business incubators.


Six Superlative Sources

· Campbell, Candace. 1988. Change Agents in the New Economy: Business Incubators and Economic Development. Minneapolis, MN: Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

· Lichtenstein, Gregg. 1992. "The Significance of Relationships in Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of the Ecology of Enterprise in Two Business Incubators." Unpublished Dissertation. Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

· Lichtenstein, Gregg A., and Thomas S. Lyons. 1996. Incubating New Enterprises: A Guide to Successful Practice. Washington, DC: The Aspen Institute.

· Markley, Deborah M., and Kevin T. McNamara. 1995. "Economic and Fiscal Impacts of a Business Incubator." Economic Development Quarterly 9, 3:273-278.

· Rice. Mark P., and Jana Matthews. 1995. Growing New Ventures, Creating New Jobs: Principles and Practices of Successful Business Incubation, Quorum.

· National Business Incubation Association

Other Excellent Sources

· Allen, David N. 1985. "Business Incubators: Assessing Their Role in Enterprise Development." Economic Development Commentary, Winter: 3-7.

· Lyons, Thomas S., and Gregg Lichtenstein. 1994. "New Strategies in Rural and Small Town Business Incubation: Examples of Successful Practice." Small Town and Rural Planning, 14, 1.

· Smilor, Raymond W., and Michael D. Gill, Jr. 1986. The New Business Incubator: Linking Talent, Technology, Capital and Know-How. Lexington Books.

· University of Michigan, National Business Incubation Association, Southern Technology Council, and Ohio University. 1997. Business Incubation Works. NBIA Publications.

· Weinberg, Mark L., Thomas S. Lyons, and Marsha Shook. 1995. "State Government Support of Business Incubators." Economic Development Commentary 19, 1:17-21.

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