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Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Hamlin Garland.


Six Superlative Sources

· Holloway, Jean. Hamlin Garland: A Biography. Books for Libraries Press, 1960.

· Nagel, James, ed. Critical Essays on Hamlin Garland. G.K. Hall, 1985.

· Newlin, Keith, and Joseph B. McCullough. Selected Letters of Hamlin Garland. University of Nebraska Press, 1998.

· Pizer, Donald. Hamlin Garland's Early Work and Career. University of California Press, 1960.

· Silet, Charles L.P., Robert E. Welch, and Richard Boudreau. The Critical Reception of Hamlin Garland, 1891-1978. Whitston, 1985.

· Underhill, Lonnie E., and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. Hamlin Garland's Observations on the American Indian. University of Arizona Press, 1976.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ahnebrink, Lars. The Beginnings of Naturalism in American Fiction, 1891-1903. Russell and Russell, 1961.

· Bryer, Jackson, and Eugene Harding. Hamlin Garland and the Critics: An Annotated Bibliography. Whitston, 1973.

· Kaye, Frances W. "Hamlin Garland's Feminism." Women and Western American Literature. Ed. Helen W. Stauffer and Susan J. Rosowski. Whitston, 1982. 135-61.

· Mane, Robert. Hamlin Garland, L'Homme et L'Oeuvre (1860-1940). Didier, 1968.

· Martin, Quentin. "This Spreading Radicalism": Hamlin Garland's A Spoil of Office and the Creation of True Populism." Studies in American Fiction 26 (1998): 29-50.

· McCullough, Joseph B. Hamlin Garland. Twayne, 1978.

· Pizer, Donald, ed. Hamlin Garland's Diaries. Huntington Library, 1968.

· The Hamlin Garland Society

· The Hamlin Garland Collection

· Hamlin Garland

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   Garland, Hamlin (1860-1940)

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