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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is ekphrasis.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bruhn, Siglind, Musical Ekphrasis: Composers Responding to Poetry and Painting, Hillsdale: Pendragon Press, 2000.

· Hagstrum, Jean H., The Sister Arts: The Tradition of Literary Pictorialism and English Poetry from Dryden to Gray, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1958.

· Heffernan, James, Museum of Words: The Poetics of Ekphrasis from Homer to Ashbery, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.

· Scott, Grant, The Sculpted Word: Keats, Ekphrasis, and the Visual Arts, Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1995.

· Krieger, Murray, Ekphrasis: The Illusion of the Natural Sign, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992.

· Lund, Hans, Text as Picture: Studies in the Literary Transformation of Pictures, Lewiston, NY: E. Mellen Press, 1992.

Other Excellent Sources

· Becker, Andrew Sprague, The Shield of Achilles and the Poetics of Ekphrasis, Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1995.

· Bergman, Emilie, Art Inscribed: Essays on Ekphrasis in Spanish Golden Age Poetry, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1979.

· Bruhn, Siglind, Musical Ekphrasis in Rilke's Marien-Leben, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2000.

· Clüver, Claus, "On Intersemiotic Transposition," Poetics Today 10 (1989): 55-90.

· Clüver, Claus, "Ekphrasis Reconsidered: On Verbal Representations of Non-Verbal Texts," in Interart Poetics: Essays on the Interrelations of the Arts and Media, edited by Ulla-Britta Lagerroth, Hans Lund, and Erik Hedling, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1997, pp. 19-34.

· Clüver, Claus, "Quotation, Enargeia, and the Functions of Ekphrasis," in Pictures into Words: Theoretical and Descriptive Approaches to Ekphrasis, edited by Valerie Robillard and Els Jongeneel, Amsterdam: VU University Press 1998, pp. 35-52.

· DuBois, Page, History, Rhetorical Description, and the Epic: From Homer to Spenser, Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 1982.

· Gandelman, Claude, Reading Pictures, Viewing Texts, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1991.

· Hollander, John, The Gazer's Spirit: Poems Speaking to Silent Works of Art, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.

· Kranz, Gisbert, Das Bildgedicht: Theorie, Lexikon, Bibliographie, 3 vols., Cologne: Böhlau, 1981-87.

· Kranz, Gisbert, Meisterwerke in Bildgedichten: Rezeption von Kunst in der Poesie, Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1986.

· Kranz, Gisbert, Das Architekturgedicht, Cologne: Böhlau, 1988.

· Kranz, Gisbert, Das Bildgedicht in Europa: Zur Theorie und Geschichte einer Literarischen Gattung, Paderborn: Schöningh, 1973.

· Marek, Michaela J., Ekphrasis und Herrscherallegorie: Antike Bildbeschreibungen im Werk Tizians und Leonardos, Worms: Werner'sche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1985.

· Mitchell, W.J. Thomas, Iconology: Image, Text, Ideology, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1986.

· Mitchell, W.J. Thomas, Picture Theory: Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994.

· Robillard, Valerie, and Els Jongeneel, eds., Pictures into Words: Theoretical and Desciptive Approaches to Ekphrasis, Amsterdam: VU University Press, 1998.

· Scott, Grant F., "The Rhetoric of Dilation: Ekphrasis and Ideology," Word and Image 7 (1991): 301-10.

· Smith, Mack, Literary Realism and the Ekphrastic Tradition, University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995.

· Spitzer, Leo, "The Ode on a Grecian Urn, or Content vs. Metagrammar," Comparative Literature 7, Eugene, OR: University of Oregon Press, 1955, pp. 203-225.

· Steiner, Wendy, The Colors of Rhetoric: Problems in the Relation between Modern Literature and Painting, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982.

· Yacobi, Tamar, "Pictorial Models and Narrative Ekphrasis," Poetics Today 16 (1995): 599-649.

· Yacobi, Tamar, "The Ekphrastic Model: Forms and Functions," in Pictures into Words: Theoretical and Descriptive Approaches to Ekphrasis, edited by Valerie Robillard and Els Jongeneel, Amsterdam: VU University Press, 1998, pp. 21-34.

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