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United States -- Congress -- Public Approval

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is public approval of Congress in the United States.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hibbing, John R., and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse. 1995. Congress as Public Enemy. Cambridge University Press.

· Davidson, Roger H., David M. Kovenock and Michael K. O'Leary. 1968. Congress in Crisis. Wadsworth.

· Fenno, Richard F., Jr. 1975. "If, As Ralph Nader Says, Congress Is 'The Broken Branch,' How Come We Love Our Congressmen So Much?" In Norman J. Ornstein, ed., Congress in Change: Evolultion and Reform. Praeger.

· Craig, Stephen C. 1993. The Malevolent Leaders: Popular Discontent in America. Westview.

· Kimball, David C., and Samuel C. Patterson. 1997. "Living up to Expectations: Public Attitudes Toward Congress." Journal of Politics 59 (August): 701-728.

· Durr, Robert H., John B. Gilmour and Christina Wolbrecht. 1997. "Explaining Congressional Approval." American Journal of Political Science 41 (January): 175-207.

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