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Criminal Law Procedure -- Textbooks

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is practicing criminal law.


Six Superlative Sources

· Joshua Dressler, editor. Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (2nd edition, Macmillan Reference, 2001).

· Wayne R. LaFave, Jerold H. Israel, and Nancy J. King. Criminal Procedure (3rd edition, West, 2000).

· Yale Kamisar, Wayne R.LaFave, Jerold H.Israel, and Nancy J. King. Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments, and Questions (10th edition, West, 2002).

· Sanford H. Kadish and Stephen J. Schulhofer. Criminal Law and Its Processes: Cases and Materials (7th edition, Aspen, 2001).

· James J. Tomkovitz. Criminal Procedure Roadmap (Aspen, 1997).

· Joshua Dressler and George C. Thomas. Criminal Procedure: Principles, Policies and Perspectives (West, 1999).

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