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Marine Chemical Ecology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is marine chemical ecology.


Six Superlative Sources

· J.B. McClintock and B.J. Baker. A review of the chemical ecology of Antarctic marine invertebrates. American Zoologist, 1997, 37, 329-342.

· J.B. McClintock and B.J. Baker. Chemical ecology in Antarctic seas. Am. Scientist, 1998, 86, 254-263.

· C.D. Amsler, J.B. McClintock and B.J. Baker. Chemical defenses of antarctic marine organisms: A reevaluation of the latitudinal hypothesis. In: Antarctic Ecosystems: Models for Wider Ecological Understanding, B. Davidson, Ed. Caxton Press, New Zealand. Proceedings, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), Chapter 21, pp. 166-172, 2000.

· P.J. Scheuer. Some marine ecological phenomena: Chemical basis and biochemical potential. Science, 1990, 248, 173-177.

· J.R. Pawlik. Marine invertebrate chemical defenses. Chem. Rev. 1993, 93, 1911-1922.

· V.J. Paul. Ecological Roles of Marine Natural Products. Comstock Publ. Assoc., 1992.

Other Excellent Sources

· T. Eisner, J. Meinwald, Eds. Chemical Ecology, the Chemistry of Biotic Interaction, National Academy Press, 1995.

· J.B. McClintock and B.J. Baker, Eds. Marine Chemical Ecology, CRC Press, 2000.

· G.J. Bakus, N.M. Targett and B. Schulte. Chemical ecology of marine organisms: An overview. J. Chem. Ecol., 1986, 12, 951-987.

· D.H. Williams, M.J. Stone, P.R. Hauch, S.K. Rahman. Why are secondary metabolites (natural products) biosynthesized? J. Nat. Prod., 1989, 52, 1189-208.

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