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Infrared Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is the detection of near-earth asteroids.


Six Superlative Sources

· Binzel, R.P., Harris, A.W., Bus, S.J., and Burbine, T.H. (2001). Spectral Properties of Near-Earth Objects: Palomar and IRTF Results for 48 Objects Including Spacecraft Targets (9969) Braille and (10302) 1989 ML. Icarus 151, 139-149.

· Cellino, A., et al. (2000). Spaceguard-1: A Space-Based Observatory for NEO Physical Characterization and Discovery. In Proceedings SPIE 4013, 433-443, UV, Optical, and IR Space Telescopes and Instruments, James B. Breckinridge and Peter Jakobsen, eds.

· Harris, A.W. (1998). A Thermal Model for Near-Earth Asteroids. Icarus 131, 291-301.

· Harris, A.W., and Davies, J.K. (1999). Physical Characteristics of Near-Earth Asteroids from Thermal Infrared Spectrophotometry. Icarus 142, 464-475.

· Tedesco, E.F., Muinonen, K., and Price, S.D. (2000). Space-Based Infrared Near-Earth Asteroid Survey Simulation. Planetary and Space Science 48, 801-816.

· Veverka, J., et al. (2000). NEAR at Eros: Imaging and Spectral Results. Science 289, 2088-2097.

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   Infrared Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids
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