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Florida -- Geography

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the geography of Florida.


Six Superlative Sources

· Fernald, Edward, and Purdum, Elizabeth, eds. Atlas of Florida. Revised Edition. University Press of Florida. 1996.

· Fernald, Edward A., and Purdum, Elizabeth D. Water Resources Atlas of Florida. Institute of Science and Public Affairs, Florida State University. 1998.

· Florida Trend: Florida's Source for Business News. Trend Magazines.

· Gannon, Michael, ed. New History of Florida. University Press of Florida. 1996.

· Myers, R.L., and Ewel, J.J., eds. Ecosystems of Florida. University Press of Florida. 1990.

· Randazzo, Anthony F., and Jones, Douglas S., eds. Geology of Florida. University Press of Florida. 1997.

Other Excellent Sources

· Directory of Florida Industries. Florida Chamber of Commerce. 2000.

· Fiedler, Tom, and Kempel, Margaret. Almanac of Florida Politics 1994. The Miami Herald Publishing Company. 1993.

· Florida Statistical Abstract. Bureau of Economic and Business Research. University of Florida. 2002.

· Tebeau, Charlton W. History of Florida. University of Miami Press. 1980.

· Winsberg, Morton. Florida Weather. University Press of Florida. 1990.

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