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Web-Based Instruction

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is web-based instruction.


Six Superlative Sources

· Berge, Z.L. (1999). Interaction in post-secondary Web-based learning. Educational Technology, 39(1), 5-11.

· Collis, B. and Pals, N. (2000). A model for predicting an individual's use of a telematics application for a learning-related purpose. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 6(1), 63-103.

· Harasim, L., Calvert, T., and Groeneboer, C. (1997). Virtual U: A Web-based system to support collaborative learning. In B. Khan (Ed.), Web-Based Instruction (pp. 149-158). Educational Technology Publications.

· Romiszowski, A.J. (1997). Web-based distance learning and teaching: Revolutionary invention or reaction to necessity? In B. Khan (Ed.), Web-Based Instruction (pp. 25-37). Educational Technology Publications.

· Shotsberger, P. (1996). Instructional uses of the World Wide Web: Exemplars and precautions. Educational Technology, 36(2), 47-50.

· de Verneil, M. and Berge, Z.L. (2000). Going online: Guidelines for faculty in higher education. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 6(3), 227-242.

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