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Springsteen, Bruce (1949- )

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is American rock musician Bruce Springsteen.

Six Superlative Sources

· Cavicchi, Daniel. Tramps Like Us: Music and Meaning among Springsteen Fans. Oxford University Press, 1998.

· Cullen, Jim. Born in the U.S.A.: Bruce Springsteen and the American Tradition. HarperCollins, 1997; Wesleyan University Press, 2005.

· Eliot, Marc, with Mike Appel. Down Thunder Road: The Making of Bruce Springsteen. Simon and Schuster, 1992.

· Marsh, Dave. Bruce Springsteen: Two Hearts, The Definitive Biography, 1972-2003. Routledge, 2003.

· Sawyers, June, ed. Racing in the Street: The Bruce Springsteen Reader. Penguin, 2004.

· Springsteen, Bruce. Songs. HarperCollins, 1998, 2003.

Springsteen Database
Bruce Springsteen's lyrics, setlists, studio sessions, tour grids, discography, and bands, from 1964 to the present, by Paolo Calvi.

Celebopedia: Springsteen
Everything about Bruce Springsteen! News, bio, images, links, message board, posters, products, trivia, vital stats, album reviews....

Other Excellent Sources

· Alterman, Eric. It Ain't No Sin to Be Glad You're Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen. Little, Brown, 1999.

· Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

· Cullen, Jim. "Bruce Springsteen's Ambiguous Musical Politics in the 1980s." Popular Music and Society 16:2 (Summer 1992): 1-22.

· Frith, Simon. "Bruce Springsteen: The Real Thing," in Music for Pleasure: Essays in the Sociology of Pop. Routledge, 1988.

· Hilburn, Robert. Springsteen. Scribner's, 1985.

· Lucky Town.

· Point Blank.

· Smith, Martha Nell. "Sexual Mobilities in Bruce Springsteen: Performance as Commentary." South Atlantic Quarterly 90:4 (Fall, 1991): 833-65.

· VH1 Legends: Bruce Springsteen. VH1 Television, 1998.

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