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Logging -- History -- Maine

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of logging in Maine.


Six Superlative Sources

· David C. Smith, A History of Lumbering in Maine, 1861-1960 (University of Maine Press, 1961).

· Richard G. Wood, A History of Lumbering in Maine, 1820-1861 (University of Maine Press, 1935.

· Richard W. Judd, Aroostook: A Century of Logging in Northern Maine, with research assistance by Patricia A. Judd (University of Maine Press, 1989).

· John S. Springer, Forest Life and Forest Trees (Harper and Brothers, 1851).

· Philip T. Coolidge, History of the Maine Woods (Furbush-Roberts, 1963).

· Henry David Thoreau, The Maine Woods, edited by Joseph J. Moldenhaur (Princeton University Press, 1972).

Other Excellent Sources

· Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, Penobscot Man (University of Maine Press, 1904).

· Richard W. Judd, Common Lands, Common People: The Origins of Conservation in Northern New England (Harvard University Press, 1997).

· Mitch Lansky, Beyond the Beauty Strip: Saving What's Left of Our Forests (Tilbury House, 1992).

· Lew Dietz, The Allagash (Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1968).

· Michael Williams, Americans and Their Forests (Cambridge University Press, 1989).

· Thomas R. Cox, et al., This Well-Wooded Land: Americans and Their Forests from Colonial Times to the Present (University of Nebraska Press, 1985).

· Stewart Holbrook, Holy Old Mackinaw: A Natural History of the American Lumber-Jack (Macmillan, 1956, 1938).

· David C. Smith, "The Logging Frontier," Journal of Forest History 18 (October 1974): 96-106.

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