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Pets -- Interactions with Humans

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is human relationships with pets.


Six Superlative Sources

· Beck, Alan and A. Katcher. 1983. Between Pets and People. Putnam's.

· Fogle, B. 1985. Pets and Their People. Pocket Books.

· Katcher, Aaron and Alan Beck, eds. 1983. New Perspectives on Our Lives with Companion Animals, University of Pennsylvania Press.

· Myers, Gene. 1998. Children and Animals. Westview Press.

· Sanders, Clinton. 1999. Understanding Dogs: Living and Working with Canine Companions. Temple University Press.

· Serpell, James. 1986. In the Company of Animals. Basil Blackwell.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alger, Janet and Steven Alger. 1997. "Beyond Mead: Symbolic Interaction between Humans and Felines." Society and Animals 5 (1):65-81.

· Anderson, Robert, Benjamin Hart, and Lynette Hart, eds. 1984. The Pet Connection, University of Minnesota Center to Study Human-Animal Relationships and Environments.

· Hirschman, Elizabeth. 1994. "Consumers and their Animal Companions," Journal of Consumer Research 20: 616-632.

· Ritvo, Harriet. 1987. The Animal Estate. Harvard University Press.

· Sussman, Marvin. ed, 1985. Pets and the Family. Haworth.

· Tuan, Yi-Fu. 1984. Dominance and Affection. Yale University Press.

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