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Lightning Injury

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is lightning injuries.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cooper, M.A., and Andrews, C.J., Electrical and Lightning Injuries, in Auerbach, P., Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies, 4th edition, C.V. Mosby, 2000. This and the following reference are the most contemporary and comprehensive examinations of the area. They highlight current knowledge and also future directions.

· Andrews, C.J., Cooper, M.A., Darveniza, M., and Mackerras, D., Lightning Injury: Electrical Medical and Legal Aspects, CRC╩Press, 1992.

· Ohashi, M., Kitigawa, N., and Ishikawa, T., Lightning Injury Caused by Discharges Accompanying Flashovers: A Clinical and Experimental Study of Death and Survival, Burns Incl. Therm. Inj., 12(7):496-501, 1986. This paper is a contemporary examination of theoretical and practical aspects of the strike as far as cardiac and respiratory consequences are concerned.

· ten Duis, H.J., Klasen, H.J., and Nijsten, N.W.N., et al., Superficial Lightning Injuries: Their "Fractal" Shape and Origin, Burns Incl. Therm. Inj., 13(2):141-6, 1987. This and the following paper are seminal in their examination of theoretical aspects of strikes.

· ten Duis, H.J., Klasen, H.J., and Reenalda, P.E., Keraunoparalysis, a "Specific" Lightning Injury. Burns Incl. Therm. Inj., 12(1):54-7, 1985.

· van Zomeren, A.H., et al., Lightning Stroke and Neuropsychological Impairment: Cases and Questions. J. Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry, 64(6):763-9, 1998. This paper is one among the first to examine cogently the important neuropsychological aspects of lightning strikes.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cooper, M.A., Lightning Injuries: Prognostic Signs for Death, Ann. Emerg. Med., 9:134, 1980. This work is perhaps the most referred to in the literature of any authority. It was ground-breaking work, and still represents one of the earliest and best appraisals of lightning injuries and their consequences.

· Andrews, C.J., Cooper, M.A., and ten Duis, H.J., Lightning and Electrical Injuries: Medical and Legal Considerations, Chapter 23a in Wecht, C., Forensic Science, Bender, 1995 and 2000.

· Seminars in Neurology, 15(3 and 4), 1995. These two issues of this journal contain many contemporary and authoritative examinations of the issues in lightning injury.

· Holle, R., Lopez, R., Arnold, L., and Endres, J., Insured Lightning-Caused Property Damage in Three Western States, J. App. Meteorol., 35(8):1344-51, 1996. This and the following paper are among the most authoritative in demography and epidemiology of the injury.

· Lopez, R., Holle, R., and Heitkamp, T., Lightning Casualties and Property Damage in Colorado from 1950 to 1991 Based on Storm Data, Weather and Forecasting, 10(1):114-126, 1995.

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