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Restoration of Tropandean Landscapes

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the restoration of Tropandean landscapes.


Six Superlative Sources

· Price, M.F., and N. Butt (eds). 2000. Forests in Sustainable Mountain Development: A State of the Knowledge Report. IUFRO Research Series 5, CABI Publishing. 590 pp.

· Churchill, S., H. Balslev, E. Forero, and J. Luteyn (eds). 1995. Biodiversity and Conservation of Neotropical Montane Forests. New York Botanical Garden. 702 pp.

· Hamilton, L.S., J.O. Juvik, and F.N. Scatena (eds). 1995. Tropical Montane Cloud Forests. Ecological Studies 110, Springer-Verlag. 407 pp.

· Körner, C. 1999. Alpine Plant Life. Springer-Verlag. 338 pp.

· Rundel, P.W., A. Smith, and F.C. Meinzer (eds). 1994. Tropical Alpine Environments: Plant Form and Function. Cambridge University Press. 376 pp.

· Messerli, B., and J. Ives (eds). 1997. Mountains of the World: A Global Priority. Parthenon. 495 pp.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aide, M., and J. Cavalier. 1994. Barriers to lowland tropical forest restoration in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Restoration Ecology 2(4):219-229.

· Balee, W. 1987. Cultural forests of the Amazon. Garden 11(6):12-14, 32.

· Bazzaz, F.A. 1991. Regeneration of tropical forests: Physiological responses of pioneer secondary species. In: Gómez-Pompa, A., T. Whitmore, and M. Hadley (eds), Rain Forest Regeneration and Management, Parthenon Publishing, pp. 91-118.

· Campbell, D.G. 1994. Scale and patterns of community structure in Amazonian forests. In: Edwards, P., R. May, and N. Webb (eds), Large-Scale Ecology and Conservation Biology, Blackwell Scientific Publications, pp. 179-197,.

· Denniston, D. 1995. High priorities: Conserving Mountain Ecosystems and Cultures. Worldwatch Paper 123:5-80.

· Gorchov, D., F. Cornejo, C. Acorra, and M. Jaramillo. 1993. The role of seed dispersal in the natural regeneration of rain forests after strip cutting in the Peruvian Amazon. Vegetatio 107/108:339-349.

· Lugo, A. 1995. Management of tropical biodiversity. Ecological Applications 5(4):956-961.

· Maser, C. 1988. Ends and means: Restoration and the future of land management. Restoration and Management Notes 6(1):28-30.

· Myster, R., and F. Sarmiento. 1998. Seed inputs to microsite patch recovery on two tropandean landslides in Ecuador. Restoration Ecology 6(1) 35-43.

· Sarmiento, F. 2000. Breaking mountain paradigms: Ecological effects on human impacts in managed tropandean landscapes. Ambio 29(7):423-431.

· Sarmiento, F., and L.M. Frolich. 2002. Andean cloud forests tree lines: Naturalness, agriculture and the human dimension. Mountain Research and Development 22(3):278-287.

· Sarmiento, F. 1997. Arrested succession in pastures hinders regeneration of tropandean forests and shreds mountain landscapes. Environmental Conservation 24:14-23.

· Sarmiento, F. 1997. Landscape regeneration by seeds and successional pathways to restore fragile tropandean slopelands. Mountain Research and Development 17(3):239-252.

· Waide, R., and A. Lugo. 1992. A research perspective on disturbance and revovery of a tropical montane forest. In: Goldammer, J., Tropical Forests in Transition: Ecology of Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbance Processes, Berkhauser-Verlag.

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