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Archer, Violet Balestreri (1913-2000)

The following sources are recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is Canadian composer Violet Archer.


Six Superlative Sources

· Archer, Violet. Violet Archer. Various performers and conductors. Radio Canada International, 1983. 7 sound discs (247 min.); 33 1/3 rpm; mono.; Anthologie de la Musique Canadienne series. Contents: Interview conducted by Michael Schulman; Fanfare and Passacaglia; Under the Sun; Cradle Song; Twenty-Third Psalm; April Weather; Landscapes; Proud Horses; Ten Folk Songs for Four Hands; Prelude and Allegro; Sonata for Violin and Piano; Sonata for Cello and Piano; Trio No. 2; Three Sketches for Orchestra; Sonata for Horn and Piano; Sinfonietta; Sonata for Clarinet and Piano; Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano; Sonata No. 2 for Piano; Prairie Profiles; String Quartet No. 3; The Bell. Container includes: biographical and program notes, bibliography in English and French, and text of the interview in French translation.

· Hartig, Linda Bishop. Violet Archer: A Bio-Bibliography. Bio-Bibliographies in Music, No. 41, Greenwood Press, 1991.

· Keith, C. David. "A Conductor's Analysis of the Sacred Choral Music of Violet Archer." Dissertation, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1980.

· Parker, James Edward Kimura. "The Creative Piano Constructions of Violet Archer." Dissertation, Juilliard School, 1992.

· Soo, Rosalyn Wai-Yan. "Selected Intermediate to Early-Advanced Works for Piano Solo by Violet Balestreri Archer: An Analysis for Teaching and Performance." Dissertation, University of Oklahoma, 1997.

· Valente, Liana Elise. "Violet Balestreri Archer: Her Life, Her Vocal Literature, and Her Influence on Contemporary Canadian Music." Dissertation, University of South Carolina, 1999.

Other Excellent Sources

· Canadian Music Centre: Archer, Dr. Violet Balestreri.

· University of Calgary Library, Special Collections. Canadian Music Archives: Archer, Violet, 1913-2000.

· University of Alberta Archives: What's New.

· "Archer, Violet." New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 2nd ed. Grove, 2000.

· Duke, David. Violet Archer. PRO Canada, 1983.

· "Archer, Violet." Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. 2nd ed. University of Toronto Press, 1992.

· Huiner, Harvey Don. "The Choral Music of Violet Archer." Dissertation, University of Iowa, 1980.

· Various Authors. Canadian University Music Review 16/1 (1995). Special issue in honor of Canadian composer Violet Archer.

· Willoughby, Angela Sue. "The Solo Piano Music of Violet Archer: A Study of Selected Didactic Works." Dissertation, Louisiana State University, 1998.

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