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Sports Rating Systems

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is sports rating systems.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bradley, R.A., and M.E. Terry. "Rank analysis of incomplete block designs. I. The method of paired comparisons," Biometrika, 39:324-45, 1952.

· Elo, Arpad E. The Rating of Chess Players Past and Present, 2nd Ed., Arco Pub., 1986.

· Glickman, M.E., and H. Stern. "A State-Space Model for National Football League Scores," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 93:25-35, 1998.

· Keener, James P. "The Perron-Frobenius Theorem and the Rating of Football Teams," SIAM Review, 35:80-93, March 1993.

· Stern, Hal. "Who's Number 1 in College Football?...And How Might We Decide?" Chance, 7-14, Summer 1995.

· Wilson, David L. American College Football -- Rankings.

Other Excellent Sources

· American Statistical Association. Statistics in Sports.

· Annis, David. SportsQuant.

· Harville, David. "Predictions for NFL Games via Linear-Model Methodology," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 516-524, . September 1980.

· Journal of Basketball Studies.

· Leake, R.J. "A Method for Ranking Teams: With an Application to College Football." In: Management Science in Sports, ed. R.E. Machol, et al. North-Holland Publishing Co., 27-46, 1976.

· Massey, Kenneth. College Football Ranking Comparison.

· Massey, Kenneth. Massey Ratings Description.

· Sagarin, Jeff. Jeff's Sports Ratings.

· Steele, Doug. Doug's NBA and MLB Statistics.

· Woolner, Keith.

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