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Acid Rain

The following sources are recommended by a scientist whose research specialty is acid rain.


Six Superlative Sources

· Likens, G.E., F.H. Bormann and N.M. Johnson. 1972. Acid rain. Environment 14(2):33-40.

· Schindler, D.W. 1988. Effects of acid rain on freshwater ecosystems. Science 239:149-157.

· Last, F.T., and R. Watling (eds.). 1991. Acidic Deposition: Its Nature and Impacts. Proc. Royal Soc. Edinburgh, Vol. 97B.

· Odèn, S. 1968. The Acidification of Air and Precipitation and Its Consequences on the Natural Environment. Bulletin 1, Swedish National Science Research Council, Ecology Committee.

· Reuss, J.O., and D.W. Johnson. 1986. Acidification of Soils and Waters. Springer-Verlag.

· Weathers, K.C., and G.E. Likens. 1998. Acid rain. pp. 1549-1561. In: W.N. Rom (ed.). Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Third Edition. Lippincott-Raven.

Other Excellent Sources

· Likens, G.E., R.F. Wright, J.N. Galloway and T.J. Butler. 1979. Acid rain. Sci. Amer. 241(4):43-51.

· Likens, G.E., and F.H. Bormann. 1974. Acid rain: A serious regional environmental problem. Science 184(4142):1176-1179.

· Galloway, J.N. 1985. Acid deposition: Perspectives in time and space. Water Air and Soil Pollut. 85:15-24.

· Lovett, G.M., and J.D. Kinsman. 1990. Atmospheric pollutant deposition to high elevation ecosystems. Atmos. Environ. 244:2767-2786.

· Ollinger, S.V., J.D. Aber, G.M. Lovett, S.E. Millham, R.G. Lathrop and J.M. Ellis. 1993. A spatial model of atmospheric deposition for the northeastern U.S. Ecol. Appl. 3:459-472.

· Havas, M., and B.O. Rosseland. 1995. Response of zooplankton, benthos and fish to acidification: An overview. Water Air and Soil Pollut. 85:51-62.

· Charles, D.F. (ed.). 1991. Acidic Deposition and Aquatic Ecosystems. Springer-Verlag.

· Drabløs, D., and A. Tollan (eds.). 1980. SNSF Project. Ecological Impact of Acid Precipitation. Proc. of International Conference, Sandefjord, Norway. SNSF Project, Norwegian Forest Research Institute.

· Baker, J.L., and C.L. Schofield. 1982. Aluminum toxicity to fish in acidic waters. Water Air and Soil Pollut. 18:289-309.

· Hutchinson, T.C., and M. Havas (eds.). 1980l Effects of Acid Precipitation on Terrestrial Ecosystems. Plenum Press.

· Tamm, C.O., and L. Hallbäcken. 1986. Changes in soil acidity in two forest areas with different acid deposition: 1920s-1980s. Ambio 17:56-61.

· Ulrich, B., R. Mayer and P.K. Khenna. 1983. Soil acidity and its relations to acid deposition. pp. 127-146. In: B. Ulrich, and J. Pankrath (eds.). Effects of Accumulation of Air Pollutants in Forest Ecosystems. D. Reidel.

· Eagar, C., and M.B. Adams (eds.). 1992. Ecology and Decline of Red Spruce in the Eastern United States. Springer-Verlag.

· Johnson, D.W., and S.E. Lindberg. 1992. Atmospheric Deposition and Forest Nutrient Cycling: A Synthesis of the Integrated Forest Study. Springer-Verlag.

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