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Plant Diseases -- Weather Related

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is weather related plant diseases.


Six Superlative Sources

· Coakley, S.M., H. Scherm, S. Chakraborty. 1999. Climate Change and Plant Disease Management. Annu. Rev. Phytopathol. 37:399-426.

· Keonard, K.J. and W.E. Fry. 1986. Plant Disease Epidemiology. Vol. 1. MacMillan Publishing.

· Rotem, J. 1978. Climatic and Weather Influences on Epidemics. In Plant Disease. Vol. II. How Disease Develops in Populations., p. 317-337. Academic Press.

· Campbell, C.L. and L.V. Madden. 1990. Introduction to Plant Disease Epidemiology. John Wiley and Sons.

· Coakley, S.M. 1988. Variation in Climate and Prediction of Disease in Plants. Annu. Rev. Phytopathol. 26:163-81.

· Agrios, G.N. 1997. Plant Pathology. 4th Edition. Academic Press.

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