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Sex Determination -- Animal Bones

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is animal bones.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bartociewicz, L. 1984. Sexual dimorphism of long bone growth in cattle. Acta Vet. Hungary 32 (3-4): 135-46.

· Boessneck, J. 1970. Osteological differences between sheep (Ovis aries) and goats (Capra hircus). In Science in Archaeology. Higgs and Brothwell, eds. Thames.

· Davis, S.J.M. 2000. The effect of castration and age on the development of the Shetland sheep skeleton and a metric comparison between bones of males, females and castrates. Journal of Archaeological Science 27: 373-390.

· Glucksman, A. 1978. Sex Determination and Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals. Wykeham.

· Grigson, C., B. Wilson, and S. Payne (eds). 1982. Ageing and Sexing Animal Bones from Archaeological Sites. British Archaeological Reports.

· Ruscillo, D. 2000. A Morphometric Exploration of Sexual Dimorphism in Mammalian Skeletons for Applicability in Archaeology. PhD Thesis: University of London.

Other Excellent Sources

· Beneke, N. 1988. Sexing of cattle bones (Bos primigenius f. Taurus l.) from early medieval sites in Mecklenburg. Zool. Anz. 220 (5/6): 255-76.

· Chiarelli, B., and M. Pickford. 1986. Sexual Dimorphism in Fossil and Living Primates. Il Sedicesimo.

· Clutton-Brock, T.H., F.E. Guiness, and S.D. Albon. 1982. Red Deer: Behaviour and Ecology of Two Sexes. Edinburgh University Press.

· Mayer, J.J., and I.L. Brisbin, Jr. 1988. Sex identification of Sus scrofa based on canine morphology. J. Mamm. 69 (2): 408-12.

· Webb Thomas, R.N. 1985. Sexing Cattle Metapodia: A Statistical Analysis. B.A. Thesis: University of Southampton.

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   Sex Determination -- Animal Bones

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