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Nobel Peace Prize

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the Nobel Peace Prize.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Nobel Peace Prize: One Hundred Years for Peace: Laureates, 1901-2000. Stenersen, Øivind, Ivar Libaek, and Asle Sveen. Cappelen, 2001.

· The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: An Illustrated Biographical History, 1901-2001. Abrams, Irwin. Centennial edition. Science History Publications, 2001.

· The Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Foundation. Information about laureates, articles, recordings of addresses, etc.

· The Norwegian Nobel Institute. Includes texts of speeches, the catalog of the institute's library (the best bibliography on this subject), the Norwegian Nobel Institute Series of research papers, etc. The archives of the Norwegian Nobel Committee at the institute are open for research fifty years after the year of an award.

· Nobel Lectures in Peace. 7 vols. Vol. 1 (1901-1925), Vol. 2 (1926-1950), Vol. 3 (1951-1970), edited by Frederick W. Haberman, Elsevier Publishing, 1972. Vol. 4 (1971-1980), Vol. 5 (1981-1990), Vol. 6 (1991-1995), Vol. 7 (1996-2000), edited by Irwin Abrams, World Scientific, 1997-2004. The volumes previously published by Elsevier have been reprinted by World Scientific.

· The First Century of Nobel Peace Prizes. Chatfield, Charles (ed). Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research, special issue: Vol. 26, no. 4 (October 2001): 425-556.

Other Excellent Sources

· Le Prix Nobel de la Paix et L'Institut Nobel Norvégien: Rapport Historique et Descriptif. Moe, Ragnald. Aschenhoug. 1932.

· Norway and the Nobel Peace Prize. Falnes, Oscar J. Columbia University Press, 1938; reprint, AMS Press, 1967.

· The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates: The Meaning and Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize in the Prize Winners' Countries. Holl, Karl, and Anne C. Kjelling (eds). P. Lang, 1994.

· Der Friedens-Nobelpreis 1901-bis heute. Neumann, Michael (ed). 12 vols. and supplement. Pacis, 1986-93.

· Peace! By the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates: An Anthology. Thee, Marek (ed). UNESCO, 1995.

· The Words of Peace: The Nobel Peace Prize Laureates of the Twentieth Century -- Selections from Their Acceptance Speeches. Abrams, Irwin (ed); foreword by Jimmy Carter. 3rd edition. Newmarket Press, 2000.

· Alfred Nobel: A Biography. Fant, Kenne. Arcade, 1993.

· The Moral Architecture of World Peace: Nobel Laureates Discuss Our Global Future. Cobban, Helena. University Press of Virginia, 2000.

· Peacemakers: Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Keene, Ann T. Oxford University Press, 1998.

· Patriotic Pacifism. Waging War on War in Europe, 1815-1914. Cooper, Sandi E. Oxford University Press, 1991.

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