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Selenium Chemistry in Agriculture

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is selenium chemistry in agriculture.


Six Superlative Sources

· Selenium in Agriculture and the Environment. 1989. Edited by L.W. Jacobs. Soil Science Society of America Publication, No 23, SSSA, Inc., Madison, WI.

· Environmental Chemistry of Selenium. 1998. Edited by W.T. Frankenberger, Jr. and R.A. Engberg. Marcel Dekker, Inc.

· Selenium: Mining, Reclamation and Environmental Impacts. 1996. Edited by G.F. Vance and G.E. Schuman. Office of Surface Mining.

· Selenium: Geobotany, Biochemistry, Toxicity and Nutrition. 1964. I. Rosenfeld and O.A. Beath. Academic Press.

· Organic Selenium Compounds: Their Chemistry and Biology. 1973. Edited by D.L. Klayman and W.H.H. Gunther. Wiley Interscience.

· Selenium in the Environment. 1994. Edited by W.T. Frankenberger, Jr. and S.M. Benson. Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Other Excellent Sources

· Evironment and Natural Resources Internet Resources

· USGS Water Resources of California

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