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Indiana -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the history of Indiana.


Six Superlative Sources

· The History of Indiana, 6 vols. Published by the Indiana Historical Bureau and the Indiana Historical Society. 1965-1998, with the sixth volume still to come. The authors of the variously titled individual volumes, which include extensive documentation and full bibliographies, are John D. Barnhart and Dorothy Riker, Donald F. Carmony, Emma Lou Thornbrough, Clifton J. Phillips, and James H. Madison; the author of the final volume in the series, forthcoming, is John Glenn of Ball State University.

· R. Carlyle Buley, The Old Northwest: Pioneer Period, 1815-1840. 2 volumes, 1950. (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.)

· James H. Madison, The Indiana Way. Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1986.

· Robert M. Taylor and Connie A. McBirney, eds. Peopling Indiana: Their Ethnic Experience. Indianapolis, 1996.

· Justin E. Walsh, The Centennial History of the Indiana General Assembly, 1816-1978. Indianapolis, 1987.

· Ralph D. Gray, Indiana History: A Book of Readings. Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1994.

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