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Chinese Philosophy -- 9th Century Onward

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Chinese philosophy.


Six Superlative Sources

· De Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed. Self and Society in Ming Thought. Columbia University Press, 1970.

· Elman, Benjamin. From Philosophy to Philology. Harvard University Press, 1984.

· Graham, Angus C. Two Chinese Philosophers. Reprint. Open Court, 1992.

· Ivanhoe, Philip J. "Neo-Confucianism," in The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Volume 6. Routledge Press, 1999: 764-776.

· Metzger, Thomas A. Escape from Predicament. Columbia University Press, 1977.

· Tu, Wei-ming. Neo-Confucian Thought in Action. University of California Press, 1976.

Other Excellent Sources

· Gardner, Daniel K. Learning to be a Sage. University of California Press, 1990.

· Hartman, Charles. Han Yü and the Tang Search for Unity. Princeton University Press, 1986.

· Wright, Arthur, ed. Studies in Chinese Thought. University of Chicago Press, 1953.

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Chinese Philosophy
   Chinese Philosophy -- 9th Century Onward
Chinese Philosophy -- Classical Period, Prior to the Qin Dynasty, 221 BC

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