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Livestock Waste Management

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is livestock waste management.


Six Superlative Sources

· Albin, R.C., and G.B. Thompson. 1996. Cattle Feeding: A Guide to Management. 2nd edition. Trafton Printing, 264 p. A wonderful collection of chapters by 33 authors, giants in the field of cattle feedlot design, animal health, nutrition, management, pollution control, financing, etc.

· Hatfield, J.L., and B.A. Stewart. 1997. Animal Waste Utilization: Effective Use of Manure as a Soil Resource. Advances in Soil Science, Ann Arbor Press, 320 p.

· Loehr, R.C. 1974. Agricultural Waste Management: Problems, Processes, and Approaches. Academic Press, 576 p.

· Loudon, T.L., et al. 1993. Livestock Waste Facilities Handbook. MWPS-18, Midwest Plan Service, Iowa State University, 150 p.

· Watts, P.J., and R. Tucker, eds. 1994. Designing Better Feedlots. Queensland Department of Primary Industries, 200 p.

· NRAES. 1996. On-Farm Composting Handbook. Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service, Cornell University Cooperative Extension Service, 186 p.

Other Excellent Sources

· Sweeten, J.M. 1998. Separation Distances for Swine Odor Control in Relation to Manure Nutrient Balances. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 14(5):543-549.

· Sweeten, J.M., C.B. Parnell, B.W. Shaw, and B.W. Auvermann. 1998. Particle Size Distribution of Cattle Feedlot Dust Emissions. Transactions of the ASAE, 41(5):1477-1481.

· Sweeten, J.M., T.H. Marek, and D. McReynolds. 1995. Groundwater Quality Near Two Cattle Feedlots in the Texas High Plains: A Case Study. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 11(6):845-850.

· Sweeten, J.M., and M.L. Wolfe. 1994. Manure and Wastewater Management Systems for Open Lot Dairy Operations. Transactions of the ASAE, 37(4):1145-1154.

· Heber, A., et al. 1996. International Conference on Air Pollution from Agricultural Operations. Proceedings, Midwest Plan Service, Iowa State University, 487 p.

· Scanes, C., et al. 1998. Animal Production Systems and the Environment. Proceedings (volumes I and II), Iowa State University, 800 p.

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