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Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is soil fertility and crop nutrition.


Six Superlative Sources

· Soil Fertility and Fertilizers (6th Edition). John L. Havlin, James D. Beaton, Sam L. Tisdale, Werner L. Nelson. Prentice Hall. 1999. 499 pp.

· Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants (2nd Edition). Horst Marschner. Academic Press. 1995. 889 pp.

· Principles of Plant Nutrition (4th Edition). Konrad Mengel and Ernest A. Kirkby. International Potash Institute. 1987. 687 pp.

· Cycles of Soil. F.J. Stevenson. John Wiley and Sons. 1986. 380 pp.

· Soil Nutrient Bioavailability. Stanley A. Barber. John Wiley and Sons. 1995. 414 pp.

· Soils and Environmental Quality (2nd Edition). Gary M. Pierzynski, J. Thomas Sims, and George F. Vance. CRC Press. 2000. 459 pp.

Other Excellent Sources

· Nitrogen in Agricultural Soils (No. 22). F.J. Stevenson (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1982. 940 pp.

· Nitrogen in Crop Production. R.D. Hauck (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1984. 804 pp.

· The Role of Phosphorus in Agriculture. F.E. Khasawneh, E.C. Sample, and E.J. Kamprath. American Society of Agronomy. 1980. 910 pp.

· Soil Fertility and Organic Matter as Critical Components of Production Systems. R.F. Follett (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1987. 176 pp.

· Sulfur in Agriculture (No. 27). M.A. Tabatabai (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1986. 668 pp.

· Soils and Soil Fertility (5th edition). F.R. Troeh and L.M. Thompson. Oxford University Press. 1993. 462 pp.

· Western Fertilizer Handbook (8th edition). California Fertilizer Association. Interstate Publishers. 1995. 338 pp.

· Soil Fertility Evaluation and Control. Charles A. Black. Lewis Publishers. 1993. 746 pp.

· Micronutrients in Agriculture (2nd edition, No. 4). Soil Science Society of America. 1991. 760 pp.

· Plant Analysis Handbook II. Harry A. Mills and J. Benton Jones. MicroMacro Publishing. 1996. 422 pp.

· Soil Acidity and Liming (2nd edition). Fred Adams (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1984. 380 pp.

· Potassium in Agriculture. Robert D. Munson (editor). American Society of Agronomy. 1985. 1223 pp.

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