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Comet Dust

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the dust of comets.


Six Superlative Sources

· Ney, E.P., and K.M. Merrill (1976) "Comet West and the Scattering Function of Cometary Dust," Science 194, 1051-53.

· McDonnell, J.A.M., G.C. Evans, S.T. Evans, W.M. Alexander, W.M. Burton, J.G. Firth, E. Bussoletti, R.J.L. Grard, M.S. Hanner, and Z. Sekanina (1987) "The Dust Distribution within the Inner Coma of Comet P/Halley 1982i -- Encounter by Giotto's Impact Detectors, Astronomy and Astrophysics 187, 719-741.

· Meech, K.J., and D.C. Jewitt (1987) "Observations of Comet P/Halley at Minimum Phase Angle," Astronomy and Astrophysics 187, 585-593.

· Giese, R.H. (1980) "Optical Investigation of Dust in the Solar System," in Solid Particles in the Solar System, Proceedings of the Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, Aug. 27-30, 1979, D. Reidel Publishing, pp. 1-12.

· Irvine, W.M., F.P. Schloerb, J. Crovisier, B. Fegley, and M.J. Mumma (2000) "Comets: A Link Between Interstellar and Nebular Chemistry," in Protostars and Planets IV, V. Mannings, A.P. Boss and S. Russell, Eds., University of Arizona Press, pp. 1159-1200.

· Grun, E., and E. Jessberger (1990) "Dust," in Physics and Chemistry of Comets, W.F. Huebner, Ed. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 113-176.

Other Excellent Sources

· Yanamandra-Fisher, P.A., and M.S. Hanner (1999) "Optical Properties of Nonspherical Particles of Size Comparable to the Wavelength of Light: Application to Comet Dust," Icaurs 138, 107-128.

· Irvine, W.M. (1998) "Extraterrestrial Organic Matter: A Review," Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 28, 365-383.

· Finson, M.L., and Probstein, R.F. (1968) "A Theory of Dust Comets: I. Model and Equations," Astrophysical Journal 154, 327-352.

· Hanner, M.S. and R.L. Newburn (1989) "Infrared Photometry of Comet Wilson (1986l) at Two Epochs," Astronomical Journal 97, 254-261.

· Dollfus, A. (1989) "Polarimetry of Grains in the Coma of P/Halley: II. Interpretation," Astronomy and Astrophysics 213, 469-478.

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