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Semiconductor Materials -- Molecular Dynamics of

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is semiconductor materials.


Six Superlative Sources

· A. P. Sutton, P. D. Goodwin and A. P. Horsefield, "Tight-Binding Theory and Computational Materials Synthesis," Materials Research Society Bulletin 21, 42 (February 1996).

· F. Ercolessi, "A Molecular Dynamics Primer."

· F. Stillinger and T. Weber, "Computer simulation of local order in condensed phases of silicon," Physical Review B 31, 5262-5271 (1985).

· J. Tersoff, "New empirical model for the structural properties of silicon," Physical Review Letters 56, 632-635 (1986).

· R. Biswas and D. R. Hamann, "New classical models for silicon structural energies," Physical Review B 36, 6434 (1987).

· C. Z. Wang and K.-M. Ho, "Tight-binding molecular dynamics studies of covalent systems," Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume XCIII, page 651, Edited by I. Prigogine and Stuart A. Rice (John Wiley and Sons, Inc 1996).

Other Excellent Sources

· M. P. Allen and D. J. Tildesley, "Computer Simulation of Liquids," (Clarendon Press, 1987).

· D. W. Brenner, "Chemical Dynamics and Bond-order potentials," Materials Research Society Bulletin 21, 36 (February 1996).

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   Semiconductor Materials -- Molecular Dynamics of

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