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De Stijl

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Dutch art.


Six Superlative Sources

· Carel Blotkamp, et al., De Stijl: The Formative Years, 1917-1922 (MIT Press, 1986; 2nd edition 1990).

· Mildred S. Friedman, ed., De Stijl, 1917-1931: Visions of Utopia (Walker Art Center and Abbeville Press, 1982; reprinted 1986, 1988).

· Hans Ludwig Charles Jaffé, De Stijl, 1917-1931: The Dutch Contribution to Modern Art (Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1986).

· Donald Langmead, The Artists of De Stijl: A Guide to the Literature (Greenwood Press, 2000).

· Ad Petersen, ed., De Stijl, 1917-1932 (Athenaeum, 1968). Facsimile of the journal De Stijl.

· Nancy Joslin Troy, The De Stijl Environment (MIT Press, 1983).

Other Excellent Sources

· Francis Bach Kolling-Dandrieú and Jet Sprenkels-Ten Hoorn, Index of De Stijl: Table of Contents and Index of Names and References (Van Gennep, 1983). In Dutch and English.

· Hagen Bächler and Herbert Letsch, eds., De Stijl: Schriften und Manifeste zu einem Theoretischen Konzept Asthetischer Umwelt-Gestaltung (G. Kiepenheuer, 1984). In German.

· Carel Blotkamp, ed., De Vervolgjaren van De Stijl, 1922-1932 (L.J. Veen, 1996). In Dutch.

· Cees Boekraad, Flip Bool, and Herbert Henkels, Neoplasticism in Architecture: De Stijl (Delft University Press, Haags Gemeentemuseum, 1983). In Dutch and English.

· Giovanni Fanelli, De Stijl (Laterza, 1983). In Italian.

· Els Hoek, "The De Stijl Artist," The Structurist, no. 25-26 (1985-1986), 69-77.

· Stephen Harfield, "The Myth of Cult Harmony in De Stijl," Conference Papers of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, Sydney, 1988.

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