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Classical Philology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the ancient classics.


Six Superlative Sources


· THE PERSEUS DIGITAL LIBRARY, maintained by Gregory Crane of Tufts University, is an extensive metasite for the study of various aspects of classical antiquity. It includes links for art and archaeology, ancient texts, secondary sources, teaching helps, and other material of use to teachers and students of Classics.

· THE CORAX ZONE is maintained by John T. Kirby of Purdue University. It is a 'hypersite' that includes links to thousands of other Classics-related websites. The Corax Zone provides materials for a comprehensive online curriculum for the study of classical antiquity, including texts in Greek, Latin, and English; lexica; grammatical aids; visual and audial resources; websites for grammatical help; etc.

· THE THESAURUS LINGUAE GRAECAE produces a searchable database, in CD-ROM format, that includes authoritative scholarly texts of virtually all of Greek literature from Homer to 600 CE. For more information on the latest version consult

· THE BIBLIOTHECA TEUBNERIANA LATINA is a searchable CD-ROM including the complete Latin texts of over 200 Roman authors from the 3rd century BCE to the 5th century CE (Plautus to Martianus Capella). For more information consult


· THE LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY, published by Harvard University Press, is a uniformly-bound set of Greek and Latin authors in almost 500 volumes. It features the original text with English translations on facing pages. In traditional paper/print format, this is the largest available collection of Greek and Latin texts, and in many cases provides the only extant English version of the original. For more information consult


· THE OXFORD CLASSICAL DICTIONARY (3rd edition, edd. Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth) was published by Oxford University Press in 1996. It is the authoritative one-volume guide to all aspects of the ancient world, and includes 6,250 contributions from an international team of 364 scholars. ISBN 0-19-866172-X.

Other Excellent Sources


· THE STOA (Ross Scaife, University of Kentucky, Editor-in-Chief) is one of the most innovative Classics websites, dedicated to fostering 'a new style of refereed publications in the humanities.' Their goals include the provision of new models for scholarly collaboration and the maintenance of long-term archival availability for electronic materials.

· METIS, by Bruce Hartzler of the University of Texas, is a remarkable interactive website based on QTVR that allows the viewer to maneuver through archaeological sites throughout Greece. Truly the next best thing to actually being there.

· ITALYGUIDES.IT: VIRTUAL TOUR OF ROME has a limited selection of QTVR movies for ancient sites (the Pantheon, Ostia Antica, the Imperial Fora, etc.) with some accompanying text in Italian.

-- CD-ROMs --

· THE PACKARD HUMANITIES INSTITUTE also produces a searchable CD-ROM of Latin literature (PHI CD-ROM 5.3).


· OXFORD CLASSICAL TEXTS (OCTs) are a series of books published by Oxford University Press under their Clarendon Press imprint. The series was originally intended to provide affordable texts of Greek and Latin authors for students of Classics, but over time it has come to represent one of the most authoritative sets of scholarly editions of these authors. Virtually all of the major Greek and Latin authors are maintained in print in this series. For more information consult

· THE ASSOCIATION GUILLAUME BUDE has produced a large collection of editions (often of very high quality) of Greek and Latin texts with French translation on facing pages. These are published by the Societe d'editions 'Les Belles Lettres.


· PAULYS REAL-ENCYCLOPAEDIE DER CLASSISCHEN ALTERTUMSWISSENSCHAFT (Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler) is without doubt the most massive repository of classical knowledge in print format. The project was begun in the 19th century, and revision and augmentation have continued to the 20th. The work runs to many volumes and requires a reading knowledge of scholarly German as well as of Greek and Latin.

· LEMPRIERE'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY has never been supplanted as an exhaustive reference work for proper names in classical Greek and Latin literature. Routledge and Kegan Paul 1984. ISBN 0-7102-0068-4

· A GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON. 9th edition with supplement. H.G. Liddell and R. Scott, revised and augmented throughout by Sir Henry Stuart Jones and with the assistance of Roderick McKenzie. This is the standard Greek-English lexicon. ISBN 0-19-864214-8

· THE OXFORD LATIN DICTIONARY. Ed. P.G.W. Glare. The standard Latin-English lexicon for literature to the third century CE. ISBN 0-19-864224-5

· THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF CLASSICAL LITERATURE (Cambridge University Press) is a two-volume reference work that students of Classics will find an invaluable source of information on ancient authors and texts. Volume 1: Greek Literature, edd. P.E. Easterling and B.M.W. Knox. ISBN 0-521-21042-9. Volume 2: Latin Literature, edd. E.J. Kenney and W.V. Clausen. ISBN 0-521-21043-7

· A HISTORY OF GREEK LITERATURE, by Albin Lesky, is still considered by many to be the most satisfactory one-volume history of ancient Greek literature. Includes balanced and sober treatments of Greek literature from Homer to the Hellenistic world, and copious bibliographic sources (up to 1963, when the second German edition was published). Hackett 1966. ISBN 0-87220-351-4

· LATIN LITERATURE: A HISTORY, by Gian Biagio Conte, is in some ways the best one-volume history of Latin literature. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-8018-4638-2

· THE OXFORD HISTORY OF THE CLASSICAL WORLD, edd. John Boardman, Jasper Griffin, and Oswyn Murray, is a sumptuous and lavishly-illustrated work designed to give the general reader a comprehensive overview of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-872112-9. Also available in a 2-volume paperback edition.

· THESAURUS LINGUAE GRAECAE CANON OF GREEK AUTHORS AND WORKS. Edd. Luci Berkowitz and Karl A. Squitier. Oxford University Press, 3rd edition 1990. This is the exhaustive list of Greek authors from antiquity, along with references to the most authoritative scholarly edition of each. It gives references to over 8,000 individual works by almost 3,200 authors, with information on their dates, geographical origins, genres, and so forth. A useful companion to the TLG CD-ROM of Greek authors.

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