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Photography -- Underwater

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is underwater photography.


Six Superlative Sources

· Beginning Underwater Photography (Fourth Edition). Jim and Cathy Church, 1980. Published by the authors and printed by the Herff Jones Yearbooks. If you can locate a copy, this is the best all around book to get you started with either the Nikonos or a housed SLR.

· Jim Church's Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems. Jim Church, 1994. Aqua Quest Publications. Easy to find and the bible for most modern era photographers. Title belies the contents since Jim's easy to read dialogue transfers to any camera system easily.

· Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition. Jim Church, 1997. Aqua Quest Publications. This book completes what Jim started in his Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems. This is the art of photography and a must for every underwater photographer who wants to improve and move forward in their hobby or profession.

· How to Photograph Underwater. Norbert Wu, 1994. Stackpole Books. A book for active photographers and lovers of snorkeling and SCUBA. A great primer for advancing skills quickly. Easy to read and apply.

· Essentials of Underwater Photography. Robert Jackson, 2000. Best Publishing Company. A guide for getting started in underwater photography. Great for beginners and for those that may need a refresher before going for a photo dive after a few years absence.

· The Underwater Photography Handbook. Annemarie and Danja Kohler, 1999. Stackpole Books. Somewhat dated and focused on Nikonos Cameras without regard for other makes and models.

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