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Latin America -- History -- Afro-Latin Americans

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Latin America.


Six Superlative Sources

· Carl N. Degler, Neither Black nor White: Slavery and Race Relations in Brazil and the United States (Macmillan, 1971).

· Herbert S. Klein, African Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean (Oxford University Press, 1986).

· Peter Wade, Blackness and Race Mixture: The Dynamics of Racial Identity in Colombia (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993).

· Robin Moore, Nationalizing Blackness: Afrocubanismo and Artistic Revolution in Havana, 1920-1940 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997).

· Miguel Barnet, Biography of a Runaway Slave, 3rd edition (Curbstone Press, 1994).

· Carlos Diegues (director), Quilombo (New Yorker Films, 1984).

Other Excellent Sources

· Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico Homepage.

· Afro-Cuba Web.

· Raca Magazine.

· African American Studies -- Diaspora Bibliography: Representative University of California Berkeley Holdings.

· University of Texas at Austin, Benson Library Bibliographic Resources on Blacks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

· Edmund T. Gordon, Disparate Diasporas: Identity and Politics in an African-Nicaraguan Community (University of Texas Press, 1998).

· Thomas E. Skidmore, Black into White: Race and Nationality in Brazilian Thought (Oxford University Press, 1974).

· Winthorp R. Wright, Café con Leche (University of Texas Press, 1990).

· George Reid Andrews, Blacks and Whites in São Paulo, Brazil, 1888-1988 (University of Wisconsin Press, 1991).

· George Reid Andrews, The Afro-Argentines of Buenos Aires, 1800-1900 (University of Wisconsin Press, 1980).

· Leslie B. Rout, The African Experience in Spanish America, 1502 to the Present Day (Cambridge University Press, 1976).

· Darién J. Davis (ed.), Slavery and Beyond: The African Impact on Latin America and the Caribbean (Scholarly Resources, 1995).

· Gilberto Freyre, The Masters and the Slaves: A Study in the Development of Brazilian Civilization (University of California Press, 1986).

· Ben Vinson III, "Free-Colored Voices: Issues of Representation and Racial Identity in the Colonial Mexican Militia," The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 80, No.4 (Fall, 1995): 170-182.

· Philip A. Howard, Changing History: Afro-Cuban Cabildos and Societies of Color in the Nineteenth Century (Louisiana State University Press, 1998).

· John Clytus, Black Man in Red Cuba (University of Miami Press, 1970).

· Jay Kinsbruner, Not of Pure Blood: The Free People of Color and Racial Prejudice in Nineteenth Century Puerto Rico (Duke University Press, 1996).

· Aline Helg, Our Rightful Share: The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality, 1886-1912 (University of North Carolina Press, 1995).

· Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán, Cuijla: Esbozo Etnográfico de un Pueblo Negro, 2nd edition (Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1995).

· Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán, La Población Negra de México: Estudio Etnohistórico, 3rd edition (Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1989).

· Colin A. Palmer, Slaves of the White God: Blacks in Mexico, 1570-1650 (Harvard University Press, 1976).

· Frederick Bowser, The African Slave in Colonial Peru, 1524-1650 (Stanford University Press, 1974).

· Pierre-Michel Fontaine (ed.), Race, Class and Power in Brazil (Center for Afro-American Studies, 1985).

· Christine Hunefeldt, Paying the Price of Freedom: Family and Labor among Lima's Slaves, 1800-1854 (University of California Press, 1994).

· Peter Blanchard, Slavery and Abolition in Early Republican Peru (Scholarly Resources, 1992).

· Medea Benjamin and Maisa Mendoca (comps.), Benedita da Silva: An Afro-Brazilian Woman's Story of Politics and Love (The Institute for Food and Development Policy, 1997).

· Miguel Acosta Saignes, Vida de los Esclavos Negros en Venezuela (Casa de las Americas, 1978).

· Hendrik Kraay (ed.), Afro-Brazilian Culture and Politics: Bahia, 1790s to 1990s (M.E. Sharpe, 1998).

· João José Reis, Slave Rebellion in Brazil: The Muslim Uprising of 1835 in Bahia (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993).

· Carolina Maria de Jesus, Child of the Dark: The Diary of Carolina Maria de Jesus (Mentor, 1963).

· Patrick James Carroll, Blacks in Colonial Veracruz: Race, Ethnicity, and Regional Development (University of Texas Press, 1991).

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